Low Energy: Joe Biden Stumbles and Slurs His Way Through First Campaign Speech

We’ve been assured that this indicates cognitive issues by liberals and that it makes you unfit for the Presidency. Will Joe Biden drop out by the weekend?


Biden kicked off his campaign (officially) in Pittsburgh yesterday to a crowd of Teamsters. It was the kind of crowd you’d expect him to be in front of, as blue-collar appeal is going to be his primary weapon against Trump. It’s what makes him so dangerous in 2020 compared to someone like Sanders.

Something went wrong, though, and Biden started slurring his speech like a 90-year-old drunk man.


I’ll admit, the entire scene was weird. Maybe he got too much Botox the other day or something? Being that I’m not a 76-year-old man, I have a hard time understanding what makes a person speak like that uncontrollably.

Do I think Biden’s performance here indicates mental debilitation? Nah, I doubt it and Trump has had a few similar episodes before. The bigger issue I see here is that it does call into question Biden’s ability to keep this up for another year and a half. If he’s already slurring his speech in his first major appearance, what’s he going to look like next summer? I’m already picturing a repeat of when Hillary passed out and was thrown into a van like a piece of meat


You can say a lot of things about Trump but no one can deny that he’s a machine when it comes to campaigning and public speaking. He can do rally after rally and seem as spry at the 40th one as he did at the first one. That’s an advantage he’ll have over someone like Biden, who’s so far been pampered and kept under wraps. Now the gloves are going to come off and we’ll find out if he’s got the stamina for what’s to come. Don’t be surprised if his fellow Democrats hit him on this point as well.


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