WATCH: Video Shows Pro Maduro Forces Running Over Civilians in Venezuela As Violence Escalates

This is pretty insane. As was reported by Sarah Lee this morning, violence has broken out in Venezuala as anti-Maduro forces attempt to retake their rightful control of the country.


A fair warning that the video I’m about to post is graphic in nature. Despite that, I think it’s vitally important for all media outlets, opinion or otherwise, to publicize what’s going on at this very moment. People are fighting for their freedom and the atrocities of the Maduro regime should be front and center.

Maduro is an evil man running an evil socialist government that has illegally seized power in a country that used to be a beacon of prosperity South America. What’s on that video is a testament to just how destructive socialism is. This is the inevitable end game that always plays out, i.e. murder and savagery via force.


Some American politicians, such as Ilhan Omar, have refused to even call the Maduro government illegitimate, instead choosing to criticize the U.S. for providing aid.

Meanwhile, the revolution is on in Venezuala right now and we can all pray that there’s minimum loss of life. Dictators like Maduro never go quietly though and freedom is rarely free.

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