Obama Official Attacks Mike Pence for "Inciting Violence" in Venezuela

As RedState has been reporting all day, Venezuala is currently in the middle of an uprising to seize back power from the current socialist dictatorship. Things don’t appear to be going great at this point, although a lot is still up in the air. Even still, you’d think supporting this would be one thing that all Americans could agree on…but nah.


Former Obama official and current House member Ro Khanna (D-CA) is apparently against the popular uprising currently going on. In fact, he’s so against it that instead of giving his verbal support, he’s chastising Mike Pence for doing so.

A take so scorching hot, you can’t get within ten feet of it.

No one is inciting violence in Venezuela, at least not in the traditional sense. The uprising is among the people of that country and the U.S. is not providing physical support. Regardless, what’s so wrong about inciting the overthrowing of a murderous, socialist dictator?

What exactly is “diplomacy” going to do at this point anyway? Does Khanna believe it is better for Maduro to remain in power under some kind of negotiated settlement? I’d say that’s not his decision to make, as it’s up to the people suffering under Maduro to choose their own path. Khanna’s comments are yet another sad reminder of just how impotent the Obama administration was.


It’s also worth noting that Khanna was all gung-ho about the Obama administration directly fomenting a civil war in Libya, which was a disastrous policy given there was no free, democratic government waiting in the wings. In Venezuela, there is and the rightful, elected leaders are ready to step in.

This entire era of American politics is so nonsensical. Literally, anything that opposes Donald Trump is worthy of support in liberal circles. I fully expect Rachel Maddow to theorize tonight that Trump’s support of this revolution is him actually doing the bidding of the Russians.


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