Media and Democrats Team Up to Lie About Trump Quoting Ralph Northam's Infanticide Comments

Up is down, black is white, nothing matters. That’s basically the message we are seeing in response to Donald Trump truthfully describing what VA Gov. Ralph Northam said about killing babies after a botched abortion. This happened at a rally in Wisconsin, which was Trump’s counter to the lowly “nerd prom” that went on at the same time.


Here’s a post we saw repeated over and over in liberal and media circles last night, to the extent that they aren’t the same thing at least.

Yes, Trump is crazy for…quoting Ralph Northam accurately? Wait what?

As I wrote last night, Brian Stelter helped kick off the gaslighting and it’s still currently ongoing.


I could keep going but you get the point.

These people are outright lying about this. Donald Trump’s statement at the rally mirrors Northam’s statement almost exactly. Nothing about what he said is misleading or out of context, much less demonstrably false. Yet, blue-check mark liberals are running around proclaiming it’s Trump who is lying. Welcome to the twilight zone.

The problem for them, though, is that there’s video.

What Northam is describing is infanticide. While some will claim he was only talking about “non-viable” babies, he does not clearly make that distinction when talking about the the “decision” being made. It also ignores the fact that doctors don’t exactly have a perfect track record in predicting viability. The moral, safe thing to do is to let whatever natural events are going to occur, occur. There is no place for killing babies because some doctor isn’t sure what the future quality of life may be.

In reality, what’s happening here is that the media and liberals realize their side has gone absolutely insane when it comes to abortion. They know these kinds of barbaric views do not have popular support. In fact, over 80% of the country opposes late term abortion, much less killing babies after birth. So instead of defending their position, they lie about it. Notice how Sanders tries to shift the debate to protecting a woman’s right to control her body. What does that have to do with the infanticide promoted by Northam? Nothing, but Sanders is deflecting purposely.


Our media are absolute garbage. If we truly had a fourth estate, holding the powerful accountable, they’d be asking Sanders and Omar if they support what Northam supports. Instead, they are allowed to obfuscate and change the subject without ever being called on it. All the while, they know faithful propagandists like Brian Stelter will rush to do their bidding.

In normal issues of politics, this would just be frustrating. In the case of those that support infanticide, this reaches into the realm of being evil.


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