It Sure Looks Like AOC Broke Campaign Finance Law With Her Latest Stunt

She’s really not good at this whole campaign finance thing. Questions have already been raised about how her campaign was funded, her connection to the Justice Democrats group, and whether she was funneling money illegally to her boyfriend for supposed consulting work. Well, there’s apparently more to critique about her campaign’s use of money.


Recently, the freshest of the fresh faces in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, held a 5k “Family fun run” in which she was claiming to raise money to support her Green New Deal.

The issue is that she was actually just shoveling all the cash into her campaign coffers.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held a 5k in Queens Saturday that she billed as “a Family Fun Run supporting U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on the Saturday following Earth Day.”

But many of the 400 runners didn’t realize their $30 registration fees were going directly into the lawmaker’s campaign coffers.

“We’re getting together for our own health, for our planet’s health … and to fight for the Green New Deal together,” the freshman Democrat told the participants before they set off.

While the misleading nature of the event is bad enough, that’s actually not the biggest issue.

It turns out that parents were forced to pay $20 for their children to participate in a 1K run separate from the main 5K. That’s an issue because campaign finance law says that it’s illegal to donate money to a political campaign in the name of a child. Yet, that’s exactly what went on as kids were made to register under their name and pay money for the run.

Even kids as young as 3 became unknowing political donors — ponying up $20 fees to join a kids’ 1k.

But by fudging the fact that those fees were actually campaign contributions, AOC may have enticed constituents into inadvertently breaking federal election laws.

Parents, for example, can’t contribute their own funds in a child’s name.



Of course, being that AOC is a Democrat, nothing will happen here. There won’t be threats from the SDNY bearing down on her nor will she likely even be fined. It’s good to be the queen I guess, as long as you belong to the right political party at least.

In the end, what this really shows is just how hypocritical AOC is. She preaches the evils of money in politics, but she’s nothing but your typical sleazeball politician when it comes to how she raises and handles money for herself. If the media weren’t so busy worshiping the ground she walks on, they might try looking into some of this stuff. It could prove fruitful to an actual journalist willing to do their job.


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