Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden Start Slap Fighting Each Other

Joe Biden entered the race for President last week to much controversy, showing that he’s still the same gaffe machine he’s always been. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Warren has been in a while but she’s only managed to garner a support level comparable to green pea guacamole (yes, that’s a thing).


Given Warren’s failure to launch, it’s only natural that she’d start sniping at the front runner. Let the games begin.

Then she hit him on his fundraising.

“In the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign (welcome to the race!), Joe Biden raised $6.3 million,” Warren’s email read wrote.

“How did Joe Biden raise so much money in one day? Well, it helps that he hosted a swanky private fundraiser for wealthy donors at the home of the guy who runs Comcast’s lobbying shop.”

“Elizabeth is building a grassroots movement without holding any big-money private fundraisers where you can only talk to her if you write a big check first. Without taking a dime from federally registered lobbyists or PACs of any kind. It’s the right thing to do,” the email added.

Clearly, Warren sees Biden as a chief threat and someone who she must steal support from to win the primary. While Bernie Sanders has a path around Biden without directly competing with him, i.e. simply consolidating his base while the rest of the field split the vote, Warren has no real base. She’s got to kneecap Biden and Buttigieg to have a shot.


For Biden’s part, his surrogates (official or not) are out there defending him. Former Obama Spokeswoman Jen Psaki decided to “go there” in her response to Warren.

Telling Warren that she’d be a nobody without help from a nearly 80 year old white guy doesn’t exactly jive with the current Democrat rules on inter-sectionalism, but I like the vigor.

There’s apparently a lot of bad blood between Warren and Biden, which will likely spill over into a nasty 2020 Democrat primary race. She was a critic of his going back to 2002, where she slammed him in a NYTs op-ed over his support for a common sense law dealing with bankruptcy.

Eventually, the summer of 2020 is going to get here and the Democrats will have a candidate. At that point, this will be much less fun. The very real possibility of whatever crazy socialist they nominate becoming President will put a damper on the mood. Until then though, I’m gonna sit back and enjoy the fireworks.


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