AOC's "Justice Democrats" Air Their Grievances Over Joe Biden

Festivus came late this year. Let the airing of grievances begin!

We’ll skip the feats of strength though because I’m thinking Biden, even at his age, could take on whatever avocado toast eating hipster runs Justice Democrats these days. If you haven’t heard of the group, it’s essentially AOC’s personal Super PAC. She was even (probably illegally) on the board of it for a while and they (probably illegally) coordinated with her all throughout her run for Congress.


Well, Justice Democrats is none to happy about Joe Biden entering the race.

They even decided to go after Joe over Ilhan Omar.

Yes, because criticizing anti-Semitism is (checks notes)…white supremacy?

To be honest, I love these people. They are a gift to the Republican party. Out of dozens of candidates they ran last year, only 7 were elected. The majority of the country do not support their radical “Democratic Socialist” agenda. In the meantime, they are dragging the Democratic party further and further left into it’s demise.

This is also good for Trump specifically because what AOC, Justice Democrats, etc. will do is force Joe Biden to pander to the left-wing base. The moderate, harmless appeal he has now is going to be shattered when he starts endorsing Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. It’s ironic in the sense that Biden could probably walk to victory in 2020 because of his broad appeal to independents. But his own party will insist he embrace inter-sectional insanity and identity politics.


As I said in my piece yesterday about Trump and Biden, Biden’s best days are probably already behind them. The base of his party is going to eat him alive.


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