Dem Candidate Amy Klobuchar Goes Full Jeb! Bush in CNN Town Hall

Amy Klobuchar has garnered a bit of a cult following. Unfortunately for her electoral prospects, it’s not among Democrats. Instead, she’s become the great binder throwing hope of Never Trumpers everywhere. You see, she’s supposedly moderate and able to strike deals across the aisle with her opponents. What those deals are, who knows, but it’s the thought that counts.


Of course, the fact that Klobuchar is not actually moderate at all doesn’t seem to faze those who claim to be conserving conservatism. She’s radical on abortion, immigration, and even supports the Green New Deal, but hey, she’s not Trump. That’s about the only requirement these days to earn plaudits from certain beltway Republican circles.

The truth is, she’s about as charismatic as dish water so it wasn’t that surprising when she had this embarrassing episode on CNN during her recent “town hall.”

My word that’s awkward.

This of course brought minds back to the good old days of the 2016 Republican primary where Jeb! Bush hilariously asked the crowd to clap for him at a rally.

Klobuchar’s run is probably all but over. She just doesn’t stand out in the crowd at this point. Democrats don’t just want a far-left liberal. They want an insane socialist and too many of the candidates are willing to give them that.


After it’s all over and Klobuchar begins the long walk back to Minnesota, she can sleep easy at night knowing she’ll always have Jennifer Rubin’s support though. In the end, isn’t that what it’s really all about?


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