2020 Democrats Don't Mention Sri Lanka Islamist Attacks Once at CNN "Town Hall"

Considering CNN’s recent ratings, this probably isn’t that big of a deal, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

Last Night, the liberal cable network held yet another “Town Hall,” which is really just them getting 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates together to toss them softball questions.


There were all manners of promising free stuff to everyone, bashing Trump, etc.

Yet, one topic was curiously missing.

Well, that’s interesting.

Only a day after 320+ people in a series of targeted attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka, not a single 2020 Democratic presidential candidate saw fit to even mention the tragedy before the national audience (as small as it may have been).

Keep in mind that these are the same people who spent weeks opining on the Christchurch shooting, mostly in an attempt to illogically blame President Trump for it. When it’s Christians targeted by Islamists though, they suddenly can’t even remember to give it a mention. We didn’t even get a platitude about fighting hatred or something.

This falls on the heels of major Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, among others, using the term “Easter worshippers” in place of just saying the word Christian. They also all failed to pointedly blame Islamist ideology, which was in contrast to their pointed denunciations of white supremacy after the New Zealand attack.


It’s also pretty crazy that CNN didn’t include a topic section on the attack, even if for just a few minutes. They certainly would have if the attack were perpetrated by white supremacists. The fact that they didn’t is yet another obfuscation from dealing with the issue of Islamic terrorism.

Some may want to assume this is all a coincidence, but we’ve seen enough of this to know it’s not at this point. Whether it’s animosity toward Christians or fear of offending Muslims, the left in this country are terrified of calling a spade a spade when Islamists kill people. The mixture of cowardice and shallow bias is disgusting.


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