Mike Huckabee Shares a Redstate Article and CNN's April Ryan Loses Her Mind Over It

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Yesterday, I wrote a piece on comments made by CNN’s April Ryan in which she called for Sarah Sanders to be fired and said that the White House needed to start “lopping the heads off.” While I conceded that she was likely just using a figure of speech, it was worth pointing out the hypocrisy involved. These are the same people who went after Dan Crenshaw for “inciting violence” just for quoting Ilhan Omar verbatim. For Ryan’s part, she blamed Sanders for threats against her even as she was the one using graphic language to call for her firing.


As I said in that article, consistency isn’t a thing for these people. They can say anything and it’s never considered incitement, but if you so much as breath in the direction of a Democrat or “journalist,” you are accused of putting their life in danger. It’s all nonsense and purely political.

Well, Sarah Sanders’ father, Gov. Mike Huckabee, responded by quoting the piece mentioned above to defend his daughter.

This caused April Ryan to essentially lose her mind. In response, she launched off a tweet storm covering a little bit of everything.

“Veiled threat” means there was no threat and she of course doesn’t cite it. Meanwhile, she’s previously challenged Sanders to a street fight and has now invoked beheading to call for her firing. So yeah, if Ryan wants to be sensitive about threats, look in the mirror.


Then things just got weird.

And here I thought we would stand before the judgement seat of Christ. It’s actually the seat of April Ryan though, so correct your theology.

So now if anything happens to Ryan, the blood is on Mike Huckabee’s hands? Based on what?

This is just silly. No one that’s this unhinged should have White House press credentials. There’s noway Ryan can claim to be a professional journalist behaving this way. All Mike Huckabee did, regardless of what you think of him, was call out her clearly incendiary language. In response, she proclaims he’s going to hell, calls him boy, and then says her “people” will come after him. That sounds pretty much like a threat to me and not the fake “veiled kind.”


I get that the press relationship with the White House is tense, but this crosses several lines. Ryan shouldn’t be allowed back in the press room after this outburst.


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