NYU “Journalism” Professor who Slandered ICE Agent Attacks Dan Crenshaw in the Most Vile Terms

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She’s back.

I’m talking about Talia Lavin, made famous for once accusing a disabled ICE agent of being a nazi because he had a tattoo of his former unit on his arm. He lost both of his legs while serving in said unit in Afghanistan. She was a “fact-checker” at The New Yorker at the time. After that episode, she eventually moved on to NYU, where she now teaches other young “journalists” how to also make stuff up and slander military veterans.


Well, she’s apparently got a thing for aiming vile language toward injured soldiers because she’s doing it again.

This time Rep. Dan Crenshaw is her target and it started with this tweet.

Crenshaw was speaking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who thought it would be smart to insinuate that a guy who lost an eye in combat fighting in response to 9/11 didn’t actually care about the victims. If only he had tended bar instead. Then he’d be a real hero, but I digress.

Lavin apparently took issue with Crenshaw not treating AOC with kid gloves.

She’s a joy isn’t she?

Not content, Lavin also dropped this tweet in response to those criticizing her vile attack on Crenshaw.


Mocking the rank of a wounded warrior is a real good look. These are the kinds of people teaching at liberal universities and writing at major newspapers. I can’t imagine why the media has such a credibility crisis, can you?

What’s ironic about this is that Lavin was complaining just weeks ago that people wouldn’t leave her alone.

Pro tip: If you want to be left alone, don’t go around trashing veterans who did absolutely nothing wrong. Crenshaw was simply pointing out that it was absurd for AOC to question his care for the victims of 9/11. No one forced Lavin to snap back by mocking him and calling him a “****head” multiple times.

This woman has serious issues. I don’t just mean she’s a partisan. I mean she comes across as unstable. The fact that she’s gotten as far as she has in her profession is yet another testament to what a garbage dump modern, mainstream journalism is. It’s a profession full of people who consistently fail up while accomplishing nothing of note. Some conservatives still believe the mainstream press as currently constituted holds intrinsic value to our governance, but I can’t agree. I have no issue with market forces reducing their reach. The less Talia Lavin’s influencing Americans, the better.


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