WATCH: Bernie Sanders Loses His Mind During Fox News Town Hall

Socialists love to talk about higher taxes and helping those in need until it comes to their own money. Bernie Sanders was pressed on this point during his Fox News town hall, which went about as well as you’d expect.


In one exchange, his tax returns came up and Martha MacCallum pushed him on the fact that he doesn’t voluntarily send money back to match the tax rates that he’s proposing.

This leads to Bernie Sanders losing his mind over the question.

Instead of answering a very simple question he stands ups, gets really animated, attacks MacCallum personally, and then ends up in a bizarre rant about the Koch brothers. I’ll note that the Koch brothers give tens of millions of dollars to charity each year and do far more good for this country than Bernie has ever dreamed of.

The entire spectacle was classic unhinged Bernie Sanders, his hair flailing and his stubby finger pointing outward.

He also deflects to Donald Trump’s taxes, but keep in mind that Trump does, in fact, give his entire government salary back to the Treasury. So Bernie isn’t making the point he thinks he’s making there. If Sanders really believed in what he’s pushing, why is he not donating some portion of his own income back to the government?

While Democrats will pretend it’s an unfair or unrealistic demand, I’m confused as to how. Much like the sanctuary city issue, why would you oppose the fulfillment of what you claim to support? If Trump wants to send illegal immigrants to their sanctuary cities, they should be sending him a thank you card. In the same way, if a Democrat wants higher taxes then they should be leading by example, not getting all upset at those who push them on the issue.


Of course, the real problem here is that Bernie likes being rich. He’s a hypocrite of the highest order. As he gains more wealth, he simply raises the bar for those who he chooses to target as having too much money. There’s a reason he no longer criticizes millionaires, i.e. because he became one himself.

Like all good socialists, Sanders wants others to pay the piper while he skips out on his own schemes. Meanwhile, he attacks those who actually do choose to voluntarily help those in need with large percentages of their income. Bernie has become a parody at this point.


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