AOC Challenges Dan Crenshaw over 9/11 With the Hottest of All Hot Takes, It Doesn’t Go Well

As I posted earlier in the week, Ilhan Omar made some comments at a CAIR fundraiser which can only be described as a callous dismissal of 9/11. Namely, she described 9/11 as just “some people did something,” refusing to describe the what and why of the attack.


Shortly after Omar’s controversial comments, Rep. Dan Crenshaw simply quoted her on Twitter and said her statement was “unbelievable.” He didn’t assert anything past that, nor add anything to her comments.

This led to much gnashing of teeth among the left and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had to put her two cents in, as worthless as they may be.

Instead of addressing Omar’s comments, AOC deflects in two ways. We’ll start with the second comment and work our way back to the specific shot taken at Crenshaw.

She asserts that right-wing terrorism (whatever that is defined as these days) was behind “almost all US domestic terrorist killings” in 2018. Why that matters, I’m not sure. It clearly has nothing to do with Omar or her 9/11 comments. Its also misleading at best and someone should ask AOC why terrorist killings outside the U.S. don’t count in her mind. I’ll note that Omar was not taken out of context. Crenshaw, again, simply quoted her verbatim.


AOC also makes the same mistake Omar originally made, which is to diminish the death and suffering that took place on 9/11 by deflecting to something else.

Now, to her first statement. She brings up the supposed fact that Dan Crenshaw hasn’t co-sponsored something called the “9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund,” insinuating that Crenshaw doesn’t really care about the victims

Now, if only there was something Dan Crenshaw had done to prove that he does indeed care about the victims of 9/11.

Think, think, think.

Oh wait…the dude went to war and lost an eye fighting terrorists in response to 9/11. I mean, that can’t possibly live up to cosponsoring some Democratic bill, but it’s got to count for something, right?

Brutal, yet true.

Oh, and of course AOC was also lying about Crenshaw and the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund. Such a bill hasn’t even be brought to the floor yet.

This is all part of the broader problem in our politics where no one can disagree anymore without painting their opponent as evil. AOC didn’t even bother to notice that Crenshaw had risked life and limb for this country in response to 9/11. Instead, she immediately rushed to paint him as an evil, uncaring person with fake claims that he doesn’t care about the victims.

AOC is of course doubling down and now accusing people like Dan Crenshaw of inciting violence against her and other “women of color.” I’m not sure why that’s a thing given that she is about as white as your average European. No one opposes this woman because of her race.


AOC should just try talking less at this point. She continually gets out over her skis and ends up saying stupid, ridiculous things. She’s not making friends among either side of the aisle with her behavior. All she’s doing is galvanizing support against her.

On second though, she should keep talking.


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