Ilhan Omar Calls WH Advisor Stephen Miller a "White Nationalist"...There's a Problem Though

Earlier this month, Rep. Ilhan Omar described border enforcement agencies as an extension of white nationalism. This was absurd, both because about half of CBP are Hispanic and also because it’s Democrats who refused to give them the resources to house migrants she was upset about seeing outside.

Citing white nationalism is apparently a favorite trope of hers because she’s at it again. This time calling Stephen Miller, a White House advisor and immigration hawk, a white nationalist.

I could say the same about her. She’s an anti-Semite and the fact that she still has influence on policy is an outrage. She should have been booted off the Foreign Affairs committee after her third publicized anti-Semitic rant. Yet, she’s still there.

Stephen Miller is a lot of things. You may disagree with his hardline views on immigration (although they seem more and more prescient as the current crisis unfolds). One thing he’s not is a white nationalist. In fact, he’s Jewish, the primary target of white nationalists.

Isn’t it amazing how Omar always manages to direct her ire at Jews? Just a coincidence I’m sure.

This is garbage politics. If she wants to disagree with Miller on the merits, go ahead. But the reactionary response to label anyone she opposes as a racist, white nationalist, or Islamophobe is ridiculous. It also shows she has no actual ideas and can’t properly argue the issues. Her immigration stances have been an abject disaster, leading to thousands of people crossing the border and not having proper facilities to house them in. All she’s doing is deflecting at this point. It’d be nice if we had a media that would call out her failures, but we know that’s not a thing that exists.

You’d think after being called out for blatant antisemitism multiple times in just her short three months in office, Omar might lay low. Instead she’s got the gal to accuse others of racism when it’s her own words that have continually shown her own racial prejudice. None of this is shocking though. After the Democratic party wimped out on condemning her earlier in the year, she was simply emboldened. We are seeing the fruits of that.


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