NEW: Classified Flynn Intercepts Point to James Clapper as the Illegal Leaker

The debate over who exactly leaked the details of Flynn’s conversation with Sergey Kislyak has been ongoing for years now. Rep. Trey Gowdy even suggested Clapper (and Brennan) were behind it as early as March 2017.


This should not have been a hard case to crack, yet the FBI/DOJ have sat idly by for over two years, showing no signs of even looking into it.

Last night, we got a bit of breaking news on that front, namely about the chain of custody of the classified intercepts and who likely leaked them to The Washington Post.

The source here is Paul Sperry, a fellow at the Hoover institute and the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily. In other words, his reputation carries some weight and it’s unlikely he would make something up like this.

What we know is that McCabe got his hands on the intercepts first. He then passed those to Comey. From there, James Clapper was given the information. That was where the chain of custody stops. It is therefore logical that one of those three leaked the phone call to the WaPo. It’s overwhelmingly likely that it was Clapper given that it was leaked almost immediately after he was informed.


According to Sperry, Mueller was able to verify this chain of custody. Despite that, he failed to even pursue prosecution for the leak. Keep in mind, this is the same Mueller who prosecuted every random misstatement to the FBI (including someone simply mixing up a date). Yet, he found no cause to pursue a leak that formed the entire basis for the investigation from 2017 onward?

That’s really the issue for many people who have questioned the Mueller investigation. Many of us never thought he would plant evidence or frame the President. But we did have questions about why he was seemingly ignoring the lawbreaking of everyone except Trump associates. Why was Manafort prosecuted but Tony Podesta wasn’t? He did the same things Manafort did with the same people, at the same time. Why were there no charges for Michael Steele for lying to the FBI? Why did the DOJ in general not prosecute any of Hillary’s associates for clearly lying to the FBI? Why were none of the Congressional members who knowingly lied about the Steele dossier in hearings looked at?

The Mueller prosecutions seem very politically slanted. Maybe that’s because his team is full of partisan Democrats or maybe it’s because he’s hiding behind his supposed scope, but the leak of Flynn’s phone call was clearly within Mueller’s purview, as it directly related to the Russia investigation.


Hopefully AG Bill Barr has the gears turning behind the scenes, because if the DOJ/FBI ever want to regain their reputation, they need to show they aren’t politically biased in their prosecutions. Going after Clapper for illegally leaking would be a good start.


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