Elderly Communist Is Worried About Authoritarianism, Calls for New "Global Order"

Calling for a new global order to surpass our national one seems like something you’d do while trying to get elected President of the…United States.


Bernie Sanders is no stranger to crazy and he’s apparently decided he needs to take it up a notch. Last night, he was off his medication and decided to tweet communist mad libs. This was the result.

That is Illuminati levels of paranoia. He cites multi-billionaire oligarchs, which is a term meant to invoke fear and visions of evil Russians, but doesn’t specify who he’s actually talking about. Given that most of the billionaires around are actually leftists funding progressive causes, he seems a big out of touch with reality on that front.

And don’t forget the nebulous “right-wing” authoritarians. There IS some irony in his assertion because it’s actually Bernie Sanders who wants near total governmental of society. Every position he holds involves further centralized power. From healthcare, to speech, to energy, to industry. Most “right wingers,” at least in the American sense just want to be left alone. How that makes them “authoritarians” escapes logic.


In the end, this is just a world salad of contradictions and stupidity. Bernie Sanders is the same guy who praised the Soviet Union and Cuba. He has no issue with authoritarians as long as they are his kind of authoritarian. A global order, as Bernie calls for, would simply be easier for bad actors to abuse. Decentralization has always been the enemy of tyranny.

If you needed another reason to oppose Bernie Sanders with everything you’ve got (legally speaking), stopping his visions of a freedom squashing new world order is a good one.


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