Trump's 2018 Comment Calling MS-13 "Animals" Goes Viral Again, Liberals Continue Lying About It

Screen capture from NYT video

Earlier this morning I covered some recent comments by President Trump where he opined that some asylum seekers are gang members abusing the process. This is common sense and objectively true. That didn’t stop the media from clutching their pearls over it and misrepresenting what he said.


Apparently, some weren’t content with just botching that statement. Now, left-wing Twitter has dug up a year old video of Trump calling MS-13 animals and it’s been edited in such a way as to make it seem like he’s talking about all illegal immigrants. That old video has now gone viral…again.

While it’s hard to tell, this appears to be the original Twitter account that got this started.

This led to all kinds of ridiculous responses, including this outright lie from “The View” host Ana Navarro.

There are plenty of others, including everyone’s favorite “moderate” Democrat in the 2020 primary. No, not that one. The other one.


Actually, when we are talking about gang members who chop up children and rape young girls, it’s pretty proper to refer to them as animals. I checked to be sure, so no worries.

Yashar Ali brought some correction to the Twitter mob by pointing out this was 1) an old clip and 2) Trump was specifically talking about MS-13.

When even Snopes gets it’s right, you know the truth is really hard to deny. That didn’t stop lots of people from continuing to try.

The guy above is a Qatari agent and propagandist who works for Al Jazeera. His statement is also completely false.


That’s objectively not true. Trump was not rambling about immigration and just happened to drop a reference to MS-13. He was actually specifically asked about MS-13 and then his comments followed, again specifically referencing MS-13.

The Godfather of fake news also decided to chime in on the old video with this hottest of hot takes.

Some conservatives jumped in, specifically in response to Buttigieg’s comment, to set the record straight. Fact check: MS-13 are actually animals.

I think we all get the point by now. If your politics are so divisive that you’ll defend MS-13 to slap at your enemies, then maybe it’s time to rethink your outlook in life. Some things are simply not worth defending and the awful human beings that make up MS-13 are one of those things. Nancy Pelosi tried this with her “spark of divinity” nonsense and Buttegieg’s response is no better.


The facts speak for themselves in this case. Liberals were lying about this video clip in 2018 and they are lying about it now.


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