Kim Foxx Runs to Jesse Jackson to Play the Race Card, Cites White Nationalism in Smollett Case

The Jussie Smollett controversy has started to cool down nationally but it’s still boiling over in Chicago. There’s a street fight going on between Kim Foxx and the Fraternal Order of Police. Instead of addressing the issues, she’s falling back in with allies she thinks will shield her.


Namely, appearing at a rally sponsored by the Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Push Coalition” to have her corruption reinforced.

Accusing a rally in support of the police of being attended by white nationalists is a gross deflection. A few Proud Boys members showing up at a public protest does not change the fact that Kim Foxx’s office did a great disservice to the police and the citizens of Chicago by letting Smollett off the hook. It also does not change the fact that the police did an excellent, professional job in their investigation. Worse, she went out and lied about the situation afterwards while contradicting herself multiple times. She spit in the face of law enforcement and then responded by attending a rally protesting the police.

Why is a supposed neutral state prosecutor speaking behind a Rainbow Push podium, a Democrat front group? What does Jesse Jackson have to do with any of this? Why is she participating in an event where other speakers are calling the police the “Blu Klux Klan?” That’s vile rhetoric and she apparently has no issue with it.


This was a gathering of some of Chicago’s worst actors and Foxx is clearly looking to them for protection. When you hear her speak in the videos, she actually seems timid and scared. It doesn’t seem lost on her that she really screwed up here. But she’s making a bigger mistake by trying to cloak herself with racial politics.

This entire ordeal is a travesty and the fact that Smollett was allowed to do his “community service” at an organization like Rainbow Push just shows how corruptly intertwined these special interest groups are with Chicago politics. It is also a testament to why Chicago’s government is so horribly run. Jesse Jackson does not exist to do anything but stoke division and make money for himself. The fact that he has such influence is a direct factor in the constant dysfunction of that city. For Foxx to run into his arms says everything about what kind of prosecutor she really is.

Kim Foxx could do the right thing and address her office’s clear misconduct. The deal they gave Smollett was completely unheard of despite her lies to the contrary. Absolutely nothing about the opposition to her actions is tied to her being black. She insults everyone’s intelligence by going to Jesse Jackson to even indirectly reinforce that ridiculous idea.


Hopefully the FBI’s inquiry into her office leads somewhere because this is a perverse situation all around and it should not be allowed to stand.


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