CNN's "Chief International Anchor" Blames Fox News for the New Zealand Shooting Because Reasons

A few days ago, I reported on a segment in which CNN’s chief “international” anchor asked James Comey if he should have shut down Hillary chants because they were hate speech. It was a startling display of illiberalism by a supposed defender of the freedom of speech, which her profession relies on.


Well, Amanpour back again to fight the good fight against freedom of expression and this time she’s linking Fox News to the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting. Because attacking the competitor that consistently destroys them in ratings is essentially CNN’s entire shtick these days.

Newsbusters has the details.

On Thursday’s edition of her CNN/PBS show, Amanpour invited on the New York Times’ Jonathan Mahler and James Rutenberg to promote their three-part investigative piece on Rupert Murdoch and indict Fox News as an “anti-immigrant” network that spewed the kind of “ethno-nationalist agenda” that stoked the New Zealand mosque shooter.

After reading an excerpt from their story, Amanpour prompted Mahler to expound on Murdoch-owned networks’ “vilifying people of color at home” and “abroad.”

Mahler responded: “What’s happening now on Fox News…is this…kind of ethno-nationalist agenda…which you can also see at their outlet in Australia, Sky News Australia….where they’ve effectively recreated Fox News during prime time and are pushing the same sort of anti-immigrant sentiments.”

Amanpour then drew a direct line from Fox to the New Zealand shooting: “I have to…point out right now….the danger of this kind of activity. Because this Sky After Dark program that you’re talking about….one could say, well, look, what happened? It was an Australian who went to New Zealand and massacred 50 people in two mosques.”


What’s actually happening on Fox News is that some of their primetime hosts have enough common sense to recongize our border situation is a disaster. That does not mean they are pushing “ethno-nationalism” or hold those views because they are RACIST! (in my best Tucker Carlson voice).

CNN is a dumpster fire of bad opinions and horrible news coverage. After spending years lying to their audience and telling them there was no emergency on the border, they now turn around and say “well, yeah there’s a crisis but it’s still racist to want to fix it.” It’s nonsensical dreck.

The idea that anybody commits mass murder because a Fox News host talks about the border situation or opposes illegal immigration is just dumb. As I said in a piece earlier today, such trivial assertions infantilize a much more complicated issue. Someone doesn’t decide to kill 49 people on a whim or via some indirect motivation from a news network. A white supremacist doesn’t need Laura Ingraham’s fairly tame views on the border to push their ideology over the edge. These are the kinds of suggestions you’d expect from a middle schooler who can’t think critically, not the “chief international anchor” for CNN.

This is what that network has devolved into though. They can’t compete in the arena of ideas or content, so they spend all their time desperately trying to tear down Fox News. Brian Stelter has made a meager living doing this. These people aren’t journalists, they are propagandists and should be recognized as such. One of the more poetic justices to grace the political scene this year is having CNN’s ratings crater (they were already bad) over the last few weeks. Right, now their prime time shows are doing under 800,000 viewers while Fox has single shows beating their entire lineup combined.


It’s their peddling of crap like we see from Christiane Amanpour that’s put them in this position. Now they reap what they’ve sown.


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