Stunt: House Democrats to Subpoena Mueller Report That's Already Being Released to Them

The Democratic party base demands action and they are apparently going to get action, even when it makes no  sense.

As has already been covered, the Mueller Report is headed to Congress. Regardless of silly claims that Barr may be covering things up and lying about the report, Robert Mueller himself is now involved in redacting the document per legal standards so it can be handed over.


Despite this, House Democrats led by Rep. Jerry Nadler are planning to subpoena the report on Wednesday. Why are they subpoenaing a report that’s already being given tot hem? No one really knows and since when do they need a logical reason to do anything?

The House Judiciary Committee plans to vote Wednesday to authorize subpoenas to obtain the full report of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, escalating a feud with the Justice Department over a lengthy document detailing findings about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, on Monday announced plans for the panel’s vote, which would take place a day after a deadline the committee set for Attorney General William P. Barr to share the report.

Barr pledged last week to release a redacted version by mid-April, well after Nadler’s deadline. Nadler’s committee is seeking to obtain the “full and complete report,” which spans nearly 400 pages, as well as underlying evidence.

His deadline was completely ridiculous and he knows it. There was noway the DOJ (including Mueller) could fully redact a 400 page report in just a weeks time. The report is still coming mid-April and they are working as fast as they can to remove grand jury testimony, sources and methods, and other manners of classified information.


By demanding the “fully and complete” report, Nadler is asking for the impossible. It is illegal to release certain material but the base wants red meat and he’s happy to oblige.

“As I have made clear, Congress requires the full and complete Special Counsel report, without redactions, as well as access to the underlying evidence,” Nadler said in a statement Monday, in which he urged Barr to reconsider meeting his Tuesday deadline. “The full and complete report must be released to Congress without delay.”

Nadler is in no position to make such demands and if he pushes the matter in a blatantly bad faith manner, he’s going to get slapped by executive privilege. The DOJ are already going out of their way to provide the partisans in the House with as much as legally possible. Continuing to grandstand on silly deadlines and asking for things that can’t be given is the behavior of a party that’s completely unserious.

This is also yet another break in the norms of procedure by House Democrats. You don’t subpoena something that’s already on it’s way to you.

In defending the subpoenas, Nadler’s gang pointed to Hillary Clinton for some reason.

In announcing plans for potential subpoenas, the Judiciary Committee pointed to several precedents in which the Justice Department had shared extensive material related to other investigations with Congress, including the probe of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.


You know, it’s odd, but I don’t remember any extensive report on Hillary Clinton being released by Obama’s DOJ. Instead, we got obfuscation, evidence that has been accidentally destroyed, and a scatter shot of information via FOIA requests from third parties. The Obama administration was in noway transparent.

Further, it was Democrats who continually said the public and Congress didn’t have a right to that material. They also did the same with the Page FISA warrants and all manner of FBI/DOJ material related to the investigation of the Trump campaign. Now, all the sudden, they want the “full and complete” Mueller report? That’s not how this works.

In the end, none of these subpoenas will lead to getting the report one second faster. It’s simply a political stunt.

In a way, their flailing is sad. Polling shows the public have completely checked out on this issue. No one cares anymore to the extent that they ever cared. The “full” Mueller Report is not going to change that dynamic as the top line results are baked in now. Democrats have nowhere else left to go though after painting themselves in a corner so they are doing whatever it takes to resuscitate the story. We’ve seen this with Adam Schiff’s recent pathetic performance, still claiming collusion and begging for $5 donations to keep things going.


As Republicans once learned under Obama, investigating as the minority party is a tall order to fulfill. Their power is limited despite their bluster.


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