AOC Says 22nd Amendment Stopped FDR’s Reelection, There’s Just One Problem

AOC’s “town hall” on MSNBC continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

This most recent example comes courtesy of her pontificating that Franklin D. Roosevelt was prevented form being re-elected by the passage of the 22nd amendment. Notice the person asking the question nodding along, apparently oblivious to the very basic fact that makes this statement so funny.


Here’s the 30 second clip.

Yeah, so about that…

FDR died in 1945. The 22nd amendment was not a dastardly plot that stopped him from being re-elected as AOC frames it here. In fact, the amendment didn’t come until 1947, two years after he passed, so he was not the direct target of the amendment.

Also, there was no “they” here. It was FDR’s own party, with a super majority at every necessary level, that allowed the passage of the 22nd amendment.

This is what critics are talking about when they say she reads random talking points and then remembers about 20% of them before she starts talking. She routinely mixes issues and produces these kinds of silly soundbites. This isn’t purposeful on her part. She just truly knows almost nothing about which she routinely opines.

There’s also something pervasive about AOC tacitly supporting the idea of a President essentially becoming king for life. You’d think someone of her progressive pedigree wouldn’t want that but it shows that ends always justify the means with these people. FDR saddled the U.S. with the disastrous New Deal, prolonging the depression and setting us forth on our now unsustainable finical track.


AOC wants socialism though so it doesn’t matter that FDR interned the Japanese, was a known racist, or that his domestic policies were an overall negative long term. It’s all about ideology at all times. Results and collateral damage don’t matter. Rights and freedoms can be sacrificed at the alter of the supposed communal good.

That kind of attitude should frighten voters because it’s the same reality that leads to socialist countries inevitably turning into authoritarian hell-holes. We’ve got the best, richest, most successful nation in the history of the world. All we’ve got to do is keep it instead of moving toward the vapid ideas that AOC, Bernie Sanders, and their like minded fellow travelers propose.


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