Twitter Banned the #UnplannedMovie Account for No Reason and People Have Questions

Twitter has a history of targeting pro-life accounts and this looks like yet another example. While they’ll claim this was unintentional, isn’t it funny how these “mistakes” always go in one direction?


As Lila Rose points out that Live Action, as well as others, have been barred from promotions on Twitter due to their pro-life views. At no point did they do anything to violate Twitter’s rules. Twitter simply thought it was too triggering for some users to see pro-life advertising.

Dana Loesch responded with a salient question about this latest episode.

This is correct. Twitter clearly targets conservative and pro-life accounts. Meanwhile, some of the most vile content imaginable is allowed to stay up. Louis Farrakan can call Jews termintes and never get suspended. Yet, a conservative can say “learn to code” as a joke and be booted.


Twitter is a dumpster fire. I recognize it’s value in the political and news realm, but the direction it’s moving is not healthy. They continue to become more and more hostile to opposing viewpoints and hide behind a TOS that’s not evenly applied in the least. Social media as a whole continues to move in the Orwellian direction of policing speech, not for objectively harmful content, but simply for not towing the line on whatever insanity the left has decided to push at that moment. Whether it be bans for “mis-gendering” or for pro-life views, conservatives are going to have a harder and harder time going forward getting our views out.

While some scoff at the idea of these companies being regulated, they hide behind the legal protections of being public use while operating as a publisher and curator. They should be forced to pick a side and live with it. If they want to be a publisher, they should be subject to liable laws. If they want to be a public space, they should be forced to allow all viewpoints. They can’t continue to have it both ways.


As to #UnplannedMovie itself, what exactly are liberals so scared of?


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