Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down on Danger of Cow Farts at Bonkers Town Hall

Last night, Alexandria “don’t call her Cortez” Ocasio-Cortez was cordially invited onto a major network to discuss the Green New Deal. In reality, it was host Chris Hayes looking like he’d just met his idol and tossing out softballs all night.


There’s so much crazy stuff to cover from this town hall, which is really just an in-kind contribution to the Democratic party by MSNBC. I’m not going to attempt to cover it all in one post but I will get the ball rolling with this double down on the dangers of cow farts.

(Clip is only 38 seconds)

Listening to that quite literally makes my head hurt.

What exactly is she even trying to say? We need to “innovate on our technology.” Brilliant! Why didn’t all those people who’ve been innovating in the realm of technology for decades think of that? Does she realize that capitalism and the U.S. system as it’s currently structured is the greatest environment for technological innovation the world has ever known? The U.S. leads the world in carbon reduction. We do that because some very smart people invented fracking. I’d guess that’s not the kind of technology she likes though, just as she shuns nuclear energy despite the fact that it’s the single most effective non-carbon energy source.


At least she admits we don’t need to murder all those innocent cows. No, we just need to “change our, uh, our grain” which is amazingly enough put “in these troughs.” This is mind-blowing stuff. It’s also nice of Chris Hayes to jump in and let us all know that cow farts are really still an issue.

She ends by saying “these are our solutions,” after giving no actual solutions. Platitudes and DSA talking points are not substantive answers. MSNBC apparently believes such nonsensical streams of consciousness deserve no push back. I don’t remember them being so charitable when Trump would fall into that trap.

As I’ve mentioned before, I told my wife I wouldn’t “be mean” when I started writing for RedState. But come on. I mean, COME ON. What am I supposed to do with this? AOC quite literally knows nothing of which she speaks. Absolutely nothing surrounding the Green New Deal qualifies as an actual solution for anything. It’s socialist mad libs to feed a base hungry for the economy to be destroyed and their freedoms to be stripped away. It’s all mind-boggling.


This also ignores that her proclamations about “climate change” are questionable at best, to begin with.

I’ll end with this tweet, which perfectly encapsulates what AOC is:


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