WATCH: Jussie Smollett's Lawyer Says Nigerian Brothers May Have Worn "Whiteface"

These people have no shame at all. When you get away with a crime due to the corruption of the prosecutors, just go away. Instead, Smollett and his lawyers are out there spinning ridiculous theories of why a couple of personal friends of Smollett’s, who he drove to the area of the fake attack right before it happened, committed a “hate crime” against him.


Today, we may have heard the most ridiculous theory yet.

That is some serious lawyering. I mean, if finding old video of them dressing like the joker isn’t evidence they wore whiteface while fake attacking Jussie Smollett, I don’t know what is.

This is just insulting to the public’s intelligence at this point. Clearly, these lawyers are trying to ensure Smollett can regain his career by muddying the waters as much as possible. I’m not sure that’s necessary as being gay, famous, and a member of Hollywood would have likely earned him a pass in the entertainment industry anyway.

But blaming “whiteface?” Come on. This is ridiculous.

Did they also apply whiteface to their Nigerian accents, of which Smollett would have no doubt recognized? The lawyer in the clip claims there was too much chaos, with “his head being thrown around.” Anyone with ears knows that makes no sense at all. The claim the attackers wore ski masks is also new and just a convenient way to cover up the fact that there’s no logical way Smollett didn’t know who these guys were. Savanah Guthrie doesn’t bother to press the obvious point about their accents though because she works for NBC.


Meanwhile, the Nigerian brothers have went radio silent. There are likely two reason for this. One, they do not have the money to lawyer up and go up against Smollett’s dream legal team. Two, if they say anything, Smollett’s lawyers could actually sue them for defamation.

A reasonable suspicion is that there’s a payoff by Smollett to the brothers involved in their sudden reluctance to talk, but we’ll have to wait to see if that’s true.


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