Disgusting: Ilhan Omar Blames "White Nationalism" for the Border Crisis

It’s been an insane week but things are going to get even stupider.

As I reported yesterday, the CBP have said the border is at a breaking point. They don’t have the resources, housing, nor manpower to handle all the illegals currently crossing the border. While they are doing absolutely everything they can, it’s up to Washington to stop playing politics and fix this.


Enter resident Congressional anti-Semite and race baiter, Rep. Ilhan Omar. You see, it’s not the lack of funding that’s hurting this situation. It’s “white nationalism.”

This is a disgusting smear of CBP and ICE agents who are just trying to do their job. They, by law, have to process these people. With the border completely overwhelmed, temporary holding areas are the only option. They can not just stick these people on a bus and send them to the heartland. That’s not how it works.

What’s even more brazen about this line from Omar is that this is HER party’s fault. She and other Democrats specifically refused to provide more beds to CBP to house the incoming influx of illegals. In fact, it became their chief negotiating weapon to attack Trump with. They traded the safety of illegals and law enforcement alike just to take cheap political shots. There was zero logic in their actions, yet they did it anyway because they have no actual concern for these people.


Kamala Harris also tried to pull this same stunt.

Why, it almost sounds like there’s an emergency. That can’t be though. Harris, the media, and the entirety of the Democratic party machine have insisted this is all a manufactured crisis. Now, they want to say otherwise because they think it’ll get you some Twitter likes?

Omar’s comments are pure race baiting trash and should be called out as such. This has absolutely nothing to do with white nationalism. It has to do with Democrats putting their hatred of Trump over people’s safety. If they really care about these people, they’ll call an emergency meeting on Capitol Hill and work with Republicans to fund the CBP and ICE at the levels they need immediately.

While I know the President wants that victory lap over the Mueller report, they’ll be time for that later. He needs to forget riffing at rallies the rest of the week and make another national address immediately. In it he needs to say very little himself but let CBP leaders and agents tell exactly what is going on and what they need. The media and Democrats will not be able to attack them with any credibility the way they do the President. It’s time for a maximum pressure campaign because this isn’t about politics anymore. The emergency is real.


This would also be a good time for our media to actually do their job and tell the truth about what is happening here. By covering for the Democrats, they make it harder for a compromise to happen that could better this situation. It’s time to stop playing games and start doing the right thing. Unfortunately, I doubt that happens.


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