WATCH: Smollett's Lawyer Goes on ABC, Dodges Questions on Suing, Claims He Needs to Heal

Maybe this is why you don’t drop all charges, expunge his record, and seal all the documents if the evidence was there for a conviction? The way you know this entire thing was corrupt is that the prosecutors insist their case was strong, even saying they extracted concessions in whatever deal they made. Yet, Smollett is out there playing victim again while his lawyers trash the investigators. If this thing were negotiated and settled on the up and up, there’s noway the defendant would be allowed to continue to lie about police this way. If not requiring an apology, they’d have at least required the Smollett team to shut up.


That’s obviously not what happened. Yesterday, Smollett gave a brazen presser in which he proclaimed his victim hood and reaffirmed his status as a hero of justice. It was disturbing, to say the least. Since then, his lawyers have started their publicity tour and one appeared on ABC this morning. In a predictable softball interview by the same network/show that did the much maligned Smollett interview just days before he was indicted, the lawyer was asked whether they’d sue given that they are saying the police aren’t telling the truth.

Her answer was predictable and telling. (clip is 50 seconds)

Stepanopoulos asks if they’ll sue in response. If Smollett is telling the truth, that’d be a pretty easy answer, right? Of course you’d sue. You’ve just had your life ruined and stand to make millions of dollars in response to misconduct by law enforcement. Instead, the lawyer dodges and simply says they are “weighing their options.” You can translate that into a no because they know it will lead to further proof of her client’s guilt.

In fact, she claims he hasn’t even started healing from the initial incident. After all this, they are still claiming he was the victim of a hate crime. It’s pretty amazing.


At the end of the clip, she contradicts the claims of the state attorney’s office that the evidence was very strong and that this was not an exoneration. Instead, the lawyer bashes the Police Superintendent for “doubling down” and asserts that the prosecutor’s case fell apart. So who’s telling the truth? If SA Kim Foxx had any integrity, she wouldn’t have made a deal that allows Smollett’s team to trash law enforcement and keep lying about the incident, never mind the lack of actual punishment. The fix was obviously in though.

This is all unbearably disgusting. Smollett originally claimed he was attacked by two white men who yelled “This is MAGA Country.” There is no possibly he mistook two Nigerians with thick accents for two white guys. He orchestrated this. We saw the check he wrote. We heard the confessions of the two accomplices. We saw the video of the materials being bought to stage the attack. We even saw the more circumstantial evidence, such as him leaving the noose around his neck for an hour like a prop or not even dropping his Subway sandwich.

For him to not at least just slink away here but to go out and continue to lie in the most public settings is the behavior of a sociopath who feels no guilt for his behavior. The fact that ABC and Good Morning America are even entertaining this, much less handling it with kid gloves, shows how little credibility they have left. This is why people don’t trust the media to deliver the truth.


This is an abortion of justice and something needs to be done about the conduct of the state attorney’s office. There’s noway this a normal occurrence, absent of influence peddling and/or a political decision. It simply makes no sense on it’s face.


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