Ilhan Omar Shows Anger at Netanyahu's AIPAC Speech, Gets All Her Facts Wrong in Rebuttal

After headlining a fundraiser for a Muslim Brotherhood front group that conspires with Hammas (CAIR), Ilhan Omar turned her ire towards the many rebukes she received at AIPAC this year.


It was a bi-partisan affair, with Democrats like Steny Hoyer joining in the condemnation along side Republicans like Mike Pence. One particular speech really got under Omar’s skin though and it only further exposes her irrational anti-Semitism.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu gave a 12 minute presentation in which he barely referenced Omar, but that was enough to set her off on a tweet storm of false information toward him and AIPAC.

Let’s see some of her tweets and then the actual facts juxtaposed with them.


She lied about the Oslo Accords. I’m not sure how opposing the Iran deal is a bad thing, but we’ll give her a half true on that one because Netanyahu was not against the Iran deal. He was against a bad Iran deal, which is what it was and why he opposed it in the end.

She then lies about her criticisms of AIPAC, which were directly pointed at their support for Israel and the supposed nefarious nature of Jewish money behind it all.

Not content, she keeps giving untruths about AIPAC and its leadership.


Maybe she doesn’t know what the world “literally” means? For reference, the above tweet is from a former Democratic politician in New York.

What you are seeing here is a two fold combination of ignorance and dishonesty.

I am certain she actually believes everything she typed out in those tweets. She’s been fed propaganda her entire life by anti-Semitic sources. That’s been furthered as she gained notoriety by her relationship with outfits like CAIR.

If you’ve ever had a discussion with someone who supports the “Palestinian cause,” you understand just how incapable of reason they usually are. It doesn’t matter that the Palestinians elect terrorists as their leaders, commit acts of violence against Israel, or that they propagate a society of pure oppression. It doesn’t matter that Israel has conceded over and over in offers of peace that are ultimately rejected. All that matters is Israel is evil in their eyes and must be defeated. In other words, she’s a true believer.

Yet, she’s also been around long enough at this point to have heard the facts on the other side. She’s not a teenager, despite Democratic party attempts to paint her as just ignorant. She simply rejects those facts and chooses to lie anyway because she’s so invested in her beliefs about Jews and Israel.


Omar, as well as Rashida Tlaib, are pushing the Democratic party toward a breaking point. The outright anti-Semitism they espouse and the policies they support are so radical, so immoral, that it can’t help but cause fractures among more moderate and Jewish Democrats.

They are going to have to reckon with this eventually because she’s not going to stop talking and fade into the background. Her ego won’t let her.


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