AOC Is Really Mad Cocaine Mitch Called Her Bluff and Will Vote on the Green New Deal

AOC’s insane “Green New Deal” looks like it’ll get a vote in the Senate and she’s apparently not too happy about it. And here I thought the point of proposing legislation was to have it voted on? My mistake.


Stop wasting time? She could have done that by not introducing her ridiculous bill in the first place. Moral of the story: Don’t put forth a roadmap to essentially destroy the entire economy if you don’t want people to have to go on record voting for it. The Congress is not her personal PR venture. The point of the legislative process is not to grand-stand, get on magazine covers, and put out resolutions that’ll never see the light of day. The point is to make laws that benefit the American people within the constitutional framework.


If AOC doesn’t want her bills voted on, then she should sit down, turn off Twitter for a while, and focus on actions that can actually pass. Otherwise, it’s completely fair game to call a vote on legislation she introduced and championed. Whining that the Republicans are making Democrats stand behind her bill is just dumb. Shouldn’t voters know what their representatives do and don’t support?

The Senate is doing the right thing by calling her bluff and holding a vote. As we approach 2020, the American people need a crystal clear view of exactly just how crazy the Democratic party has become. There was no reason to let them hide from the this.

AOC has hopefully learned a valuable lesson in all this. Don’t screw with Cocaine Mitch.


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