Petty: CNN's Jake Tapper Unfollows Dana Loesch After She Questions Award for Gun Control Town Hall

Can we stop pretending this guy’s just a fair, unbiased journalist? I know that Tapper has a cult following on the right as the guy who does things right on CNN, but it’s mostly a myth. His performance in CNN’s Town Hall debate after Parkland was disgraceful. Allowing Rubio to be called a murderer with no push back and letting the crowd physically threaten Dana Loesch was immoral.


For some reason, CNN won an award for that awful performance, because apparently all journalism boils down to these days is who slaps Republicans around the hardest. Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv didn’t take too kindly the news.

What conversation was advanced, exactly? It was a total crap-storm of an event, where nothing substantive was said and CNN stood by while the Sheriff most responsible spouted his propaganda unchallenged. Saying that something advanced the conversation has become code for “I did something wildly partisan and objectionable but it helped the left, so it’s cool.” We saw that with Ilhan Omar taking a victory lap after she escaped condemnation by saying she was advancing a difficult debate.

Naturally, since Dana Loesch was the one horribly abused at the town hall, she felt the need to set the record straight on just what happened in the wake of CNN’s award.


CNN’s Jake Tapper, who hosted the event, apparently didn’t take too kindly to her criticism. He un-followed her on Twitter afterward.

I think we are now at a place where those on the right realize that CNN is not worth their time. That’s a good thing. There’s no reason to hand these people content and ratings when they treat Republicans and Republican ideals like garbage. They’ve been caught pushing false stories numerous times, always in one direction, and they present frothing at the mouth Democrats like Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo as neutral anchors to claim they are somehow above it all. It’s laughable.

As to Jake Tapper, silently un-following Loesch instead of responding with some actual substance to very well deserved criticism says a lot about him. He’s not fair to the right in this country and he’s just as partisan as anyone else on that network. There’s a segment of conservatives that need to get over their political Stockholm syndrome when it comes to Tapper. Just because he occasionally asks a tough question of Bernie Sanders doesn’t mean that he’s locking you in the closet for good reasons. He’s not your friend and he’s not a neutral arbiter.



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