Insanity: United Kingdom Investigates a Catholic Journalist for the Crime of "Misgendering"

The United Kingdom has continued its fall into insanity with its recent decision to police speech on Twitter. This includes going after people for jokes deemed “hate speech” and the grave crime of “misgendering,” otherwise known as the act of being scientifically correct in describing someone’s sex.


The most recent example of this ridiculousness comes in their targeting of a Catholic journalist named Caroline Farrow.

Last year, she appeared on Good Morning Britain with host Susie Green, who describes her child as transgender. It was Green who reported Farrow to the police for supposedly “misgendering” her daughter (i.e. her biological son) on Twitter after the show.

This sounds healthy for a society, right? Demanding people come in for taped interviews so they can “investigate” some meaningless tweets and possibly throw them in jail over it is the kind of thing we’d have passed off as a parody just 10-15 years ago. But that’s where we are today.

Farrow is also paying the price in other ways for daring to suggest that biological sex is a thing.

Americans should be thankful we have the 1st Amendment. While what we say can have consequences in regards to our personal lives (i.e. you are free to say it but not free from the judgment of it), the idea that a government should be terrorizing its own citizens over supposed “hate speech” is ludicrous, illiberal, and a complete waste of resources.


The United Kingdom has far worse things to worry about than whether a Christian writer “misgendered” someone on Twitter six months ago. They can start with their awful handling of Muslim “grooming gangs,” where rape went unpunished for years despite numerous complaints to the police.

The United Kingdom was once the birthplace of many of our most closely held rights. They are throwing that all away on the alter of inter-sectionalism and supposed “tolerance.” It’s also a complete affront to scientific reality. When truth is no longer objective, it leads to very dark places. Unfortunately, Europe shows no signs of a return to sanity with the United States not far behind.


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