Hamas Shoots Its Own Citizens and No One Seems to Care

On Thursday (and continuing into the weekend), hundreds of Palestinians took to the streets to protest their terrorist government. Hamas has obviously made their lives miserable, spending billions in aid on attacking Israel instead of taking care of their own citizens. The protesters were chanting “we want to live,” an apparent reference to the many deaths caused by violence and poverty within the Gaza Strip. The economic situation is dire, with 28% of the people unemployed.


As you’d expect, that didn’t go over well with the Islamists at the head of Hamas, who’s entire reason for existing is the destruction of Israel.

Israeli news sources are talking about this incident, but aside from an article at The Daily Wire, there’s been a complete media blackout of this event in the United States and more broadly.

In fact, though The New York Times didn’t report on the incident in the Gaza Strip, they immediately reported on Israel striking back after rockets rained down on Tel Aviv that night. This is all part of the propaganda campaign we continually see playing out in U.S. and international media. If Israel defends itself, they are called inhumane and it’s blasted out by media organizations as big news. If Hamas kills Israelis or it’s own citizens, it either doesn’t get mentioned or it’s spun so at to minimize any negative press for the Palestinian cause.

Hamas is also targeting journalists, but not even that appears to be enough to get the U.S. media off their chosen narrative.


The truth is that the Palestinian cause is rooted in hatred of Jews, violence, and seeking the destruction of Israel. There is no other coherent reasoning for their actions past that. If they truly wanted peace, they’d have taken the many peace deals offered to them. Hamas doesn’t want peace though. Without the hatred of Jews to distract from their horrible record of governance, they would collapse. For example, on Thursday as the protests heated up, Hamas immediately sought to re-direct by leading a rally on the evils of Jewish Israel.

It’s a good sign that some Palestinians have finally had enough of this nonsense and are willing to risk their lives to push back. Unfortunately, the government they’ve chosen to install isn’t going to tolerate such dissent. The only way to begin to turn this situation is for the truth of what’s happening within the Gaza Strip to get out. Instead, our media shill for Hamas at every turn while political voices like Ilhan Omar pretend that Israel is to blame for terrorists preying on innocents. In doing so, they continue to doom Palestinians to their bleak fate simply to appease their own political goals.


There appears to be another civil war brewing between Hamas and the more moderate Fatah movement. We can only hope that a solution comes that minimizes anymore loss of life. That solution is not going to be the elimination of Israel. The sooner everyday Palestinians realize this and begin to rise up against their authorities instead of focusing their angst at the wrong target, the sooner real peace can be introduced into the Gaza Strip. Until then, expect more of what we saw on Thursday.


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