Good News: Questioning Election Results No Longer Dangerous to Our Democracy

Delusion is a strong drug and failed GA Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is getting high on her own supply again. At an event on Thursday, she proclaimed to the crowd that she had indeed won he election, a surprising development for the rest of us who live in the real world.


Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams claimed that she won her election against Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, during an event on Thursday.

“I did win my election,” she said, according to ABC News reporter Adam Kelsey. “I just didn’t get to have the job.”

Well, that’s certainly an interesting take. I’m old enough to remember when questioning the results of an election was a direct threat to our democracy and I’m not that old.

Clinton has flip-flopped on the issue, routinely bemoaning not only her loss, but Abrams’ loss as well. She recently made more comments to that effect.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton echoed that sentiment earlier this month.

“We know, don’t we, that candidates both black and white lost their races because they had been deprived of the votes they otherwise would have gotten,” Clinton said during a speech commemorating the anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” march. “And the clearest example is from Georgia. Stacey Abrams should be governor, leading that state right now.”

Democratic Sens. Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Cory Booker of New Jersey have also claimed that Abrams was the rightful winner of the gubernatorial election.


There’s no actual evidence that Abrams was deprived on any legitimate votes. What is often cited as proof of such is a normal purge of the voting rolls that took place based on a 20 year old law. This resulted in about 500K people being removed for incorrect information, no longer living in the state, or being dead. Democrats have taken that innocuous action and presented it to the public as 500K Abrams voters being barred from the polls. It’s simply not true.

Then Secretary of State Brian Kemp (now Governor) did not target specific voters for the purge. It’s a predetermined system and he was following the law, nothing more. There was absolutely nothing stopping anybody who was purged, say for inactivity over the last 10 years, from re-registering.

Not to be outdone, failed FL Gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum also got in on the act this week.

This is nonsense. Every legal vote in FL was counted. In fact, it’s likely some number of ineligible votes were counted due to the corruption going on in Broward County. Numerous filing deadlines were missed, always benefiting Gillum’s vote totals. In the end, it took the threat of law to get a final count submitted so the election could be certified.


In both of these cases, Abrams and Gillum didn’t lose by a few thousand votes. They lost by tens of thousands of votes. They were not robbed or cheated. These races, politically speaking, weren’t even that close. Abrams, for example, lost by over 50,000 votes.

What’s especially ironic about all of this is not that some failed Democrats are sore losers peddling in conspiracy theories. That’s pretty much a staple for the party at this point. No, what’s ironic is the mainstream media having no criticism of this after they lost their ever loving minds over Donald Trump suggesting he wouldn’t accept the 2016 election results.

A google search of “Donald Trump won’t accept election results 2016” brings back over 35,000,000 hits with literally thousands of media organizations breathlessly reporting the dangers of Trump not immediately vowing to accept defeat to Hillary Clinton. His comments also spawned countless CNN, MSNBC, etc. panels where he was excoriated as undermining our electoral system.

Have they given the same treatment to Abrams or Gillum? I can’t find a single example of a reporter, journalist, or liberal pundit describing what they are doing as dangerous (or similar language). I can’t even find any mild rebukes. In fact, instead of being called out for her lies, Abrams has been elevated and promoted. She is now being considered for Vice President by Joe Biden.


Only in the Democratic party can you fail so spectacularly and actually advance your career.

Weird indeed.


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