WATCH: Lindsey Graham Says It's Time for a Special Counsel to Investigate the DOJ/FBI

On Fox News last night, Sen. Lindsey Graham made a public call for a second special counsel to investigate possible criminal activity related to the sandbagging of the Hillary investigation and starting of the Trump investigation.


He’s made this point before but he’s really pushing it now given the recent revelations regarding the Bruce Ohr and Lisa Page testimonies.

GRAHAM: There’s two questions I think the public deserves an answer to. Did they short-circuit the Clinton e-mail investigation because they wanted her to win? They knew if they charged her she might lose. Did they start the Russian investigation against Trump as an insurance policy in case he did win?

Those are the two questions that I’ll try to get you answers to…

GRAHAM: We need a special counsel to look at the potential crimes by the Department of Justice — the FBI — regarding the Clinton e-mail investigation and the Russian investigation against Trump early on.

We learned just this week that former Obama AG Loretta Lynch lied about deferring to the FBI on the prosecution of Hillary Clinton. In reality, her DOJ had already ordered the FBI multiple times not to charge her under the “gross negligence” statute by asserting that it was “constitutionally vague.”

This also means that James Comey lied to the public when he said “no reasonable prosecutor” would bring charges against Hillary Clinton. In fact, multiple FBI lawyers believed she should be charged but were rebuffed by the DOJ and essentially told to stop sniffing around. It was at that point that the last pieces of the fix dropped into place. All that was left was for Lynch to pretend she had no part in the decision by saying she’d “defer” to the FBI.


The entire thing stinks to high heaven and Graham is right to push for a real investigation into this. We can not have an FBI/DOJ that operates in such a political nature and the more we learn the more it looks like it was them, not Trump/Russia, that primarily tried to affect the election.

The question is whether Graham is right that we need a second special counsel? I’m skeptical given the runaway nature of special counsels (see Robert Mueller for the latest example) that end up spending years chasing unrelated matters. Yet, I also have no confidence that 1) A Congressional investigation will be taken seriously or that 2) the FBI/DOJ will properly investigate themselves.

Perhaps a special counsel is the only way? My opinion would likely depend on who it is and what guidelines are set. For more specific information on this, look for a deep dive by one of my RedState colleagues later today.


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