Brian Stelter's Shilling for Media Matters Underscores CNN's Gaslighting

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Tucker Carlson has been on the receiving end of a crusade to end his career the last week over offensive comments he made while doing shock jock program Bubba the Love Sponge. The organization who dug up the remarks is Media Matters for America, a left-wing group that attempts to destroy conservative media sources.


Since the Carlson story broke, CNN’s “media reporter,” Brian Stelter, has pushed every talking point Media Matters has put out. From promoting their protest, to repeating verbatim their ridiculous contention that they don’t want to actually take down Fox News.

The hilarity of tweeting that out as if there’s any truth to it is hard to understate. Media Matters’ entire existence is about taking down Fox News (among others).

Then something amazing happened.

Media Matters for America President Angelo Carusone was caught in his own “bad remarks” scandal a few days later when it came to light that he had made racist, objectionable comments on a blog some 15 years ago. This is only relevant because of the war they are waging against Carlson, otherwise, who cares? But the standard has been set and they should live by it.

After spending days pushing the Carlson story, Stelter suddenly went dark. There was no mention on his feed about the revelations nor any reaction to them.

That finally changed this morning in the most predictable way possible as Stelter decided to become a Media Matters for America PR representative. Brandon Morse had the details in an piece earlier today.


According to the Daily Caller, Carusone, with help from Stelter’s newsletter, attempted to paint Carusone’s activities on his blog as an “obnoxious right-wing caricature.”

Reading Carusone’s blog posts makes it clear that this claim is beyond false. He was clearly writing from a left-leaning perspective and espoused leftist ideals within very often.

As Brandon notes, this excuse is patently false. Stelter, needing to get his talking points from Carusone first, waited 24 hours before even reporting on the new revelations. When he finally mentioned it, it was simply to parrot Carusone’s excuses as if they were fact. He doesn’t offer a reaction. He doesn’t point out the hypocrisy. He just repeats it.

Here’s the larger point.

Stelter presents himself as an objective, unbiased watchdog of the news media. In reality, he’s just a Democratic mouthpiece and this latest episode further proves it. What makes Stelter (and CNN) especially worthy of ridicule is that they try to gaslight the public into believing that their network is different than others. They constantly assert they don’t have issues with mixing opinion and fact when in actuality, they are the worst offenders. Take this hot take for example.


What Stelter misses here is that such a divide is actually a good thing. It shows that Fox News has standards and that they are willing to draw a line between their news and opinion divisions. CNN does no such thing, instead laughably presenting partisan pundits like Stelter, Cooper, and Lemon as objective journalists. Stelter then ironically bemoans the laudable fact that other networks are honest enough to call their pundits what they actually are. It’s illogical and transparent. CNN can’t compete with Fox News via actual content so they instead seek to take them down through whatever backdoor they can pry open.

At this point, it’s probably best that Stelter resides on a low-rated CNN Sunday show so as to not further expose his hackery.


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