BREAKING: Paul Manafort Handed Second Sentence by Judge (UPDATED)

After getting off for a surprising short stint the first time (4 years vs. 19-24 recommended), Manafort was hit a little harder today in his second sentencing before a D.C. judge.


This was expected given that Judge Jackson has been seen as more hostile toward the defense, while Judge Ellis was seen as more sympathetic. Some will be concurrent given the first sentence and the length of this one, it’s likely he’s got a total of over 10 years now. He may not die in prison, but he’s not gonna have much time left when he gets out.

Whether the President is looking to pardon Manafort down the road is still an open question.

UPDATE: Here are the details on what’s concurrent and what’s not. It will not total 10 years as I speculated.


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