REVEALED: Lisa Page Testimony Shows Obama AG Loretta Lynch Lied

In the past few days, several transcripts of testimonies from FBI officials have been released and there’s been some very interesting revelations. One of the most eye-opening was that of Bruce Ohr, an FBI official at the center of the Steele dossier. It was shown that Ohr did in fact have extensive contacts with Steele, including the day before the FBI started investigating Trump, and that Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) lied repeatedly to cover it up.


More shoes are now dropping and the latest involves FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who testified last year in a closed door session with the House.

Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified last year that officials in the bureau, including then-FBI Director James Comey, discussed Espionage Act charges against Hillary Clinton, citing “gross negligence,” but the Justice Department shut them down.

That can’t be though because former Obama AG Loretta Lynch assured everyone that it was strictly the FBI’s decision on whether to prosecute Hillary or not. This was part of a weak attempt to shield herself without actually recusing from the case (i.e. she wanted to have it both ways and maintain control).

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says she will accept whatever recommendations FBI investigators and career prosecutors make about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

“I fully expect to accept their recommendations,” Lynch said Friday during a conversation at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

“I will be accepting their recommendations and their plans for going forward.” 

Lisa Page, via her testimony, shows that Loretta Lynch simply lied.

Page further testified the DOJ put a stop to that: “The Justice Department’s assessment was that it was both constitutionally vague, so that they did not actually feel that they could permissibly bring that charge.” The specific statute being referenced, 18 U.S. Code § 793, deals in part with “gross negligence” in the handling of national defense information, which Clinton came under scrutiny for possibly violating.

Page said Comey and the FBI spoke with DOJ about a gross negligence charge for Clinton multiple times, but that the DOJ consistently pushed back on it. “We had multiple conversations with the Justice Department about bringing a gross negligence charge. And that’s, as I said, the advice that we got from the Department was that they did not think — that it was constitutionally vague and not sustainable,” she said.

Ratcliffe asked if the decision not to charge Clinton with gross negligence was a direct order from the DOJ. “When you say advice you got from the Department, you’re making it sound like it was the Department that told you: ‘You’re not going to charge gross negligence because we’re the prosecutors and we’re telling you we’re not going to,’” he said.

Page responded: “That’s correct.”


This was easy to see at the time for anyone willing to look. The fact that Lynch refused to recuse was a sure fire sign that she was not actually going to give up control over the decision to prosecute. To do so would put the fate of Hillary Clinton in the hands of people who might not make the “right” decision in the Obama White House’s eyes. Instead, she went to the public and blatantly lied that she would accept whatever the FBI said. The FBI wanted to charge Hillary and tried to make the case numerous times to do so under the “gross negligence” part of the statute, according to Page. In response, the DOJ, contrary to Lynch’s framing, blew off the recommendations and simply said no.

The most likely defense you will hear from Lynch’s defenders is that once she said she’d defer, she didn’t technically tell the FBI what to do after that point. Even if that were true, publicly saying that she’d defer to the FBI, knowing she had already ordered them not to prosecute Hillary under the relevant statute, is still lying about the situation. By that point, The FBI had already been boxed in by direct orders from the DOJ, she had already met with Bill Clinton (no doubt to let him know it was over), and all the pieces to let Hillary off the hook were in place. Her attempt to throw up a last minute facade of separation does not change her coordinated dishonesty about the situation. It was a completely orchestrated cover-up from the beginning and she was pulling the strings, likely at the behest of President Obama, who never would have been left out of the loop on this.


The corruption of the Hillary Clinton email investigation is hard to understate. From allowing the destruction of evidence, to giving out immunity like candy, to deciding to let Hillary off before they even interviewed her, it’s one of the most astonishing examples of top-level government misconduct in decades. The Obama administration had their hands all over this despite their lies to the contrary. The fact that no one will likely ever be held accountable for what happened says nothing good about our government.

If we had a media that wasn’t so invested in protecting the Democratic party, this would be a major scandal. As it stands, it’s unlikely it’ll even elicit a mention. After all, CNN’s got much more important stories to cover, like Tucker Carlson telling bad jokes to Bubba the Love Sponge.


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