Democratic Civil War Looms as Nancy Pelosi Dismisses Left-Wing Priorities

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War is on the horizon within the Democratic party and we are beginning to see the opening shots.

Nancy Pelosi recently angered the left-wing base by taking impeachment of Donald Trump off the table. The reasons for that are clear, i.e. they simply doesn’t have the evidence, but she attempted to sooth concerns with a myriad of excuses that don’t hold water.


The actual leadership of her party (see Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib) weren’t buying it and fired back at the decision. AOC said she “disagreed” and “we’ll see,” while Tlaib continues to prepare her own articles of impeachment due at the end of the month.

This led House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to respond by sniping back at the self-titled “squad.”

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland hit back at some of the most visible new Democrats in Congress when asked Monday by Fox News about the push to impeach President Trump: “We’ve got 62 new (Democratic) members. Not three.”

Hoyer apparently was referring to Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, who regularly have fought the Trump administration’s policies since entering Congress.

Just today, Rep. Al Green shot back and let Pelosi know that it isn’t her decision to make.
“If you desire to stop me you but only have to change the rules so that I can’t bring a vote on impeachment, otherwise I will because the Constitution & the rules allow any one person to bring a vote on impeachment”

If the current infighting over Donald Trump wasn’t enough, Pelosi threw another hand grenade in the ring with a new dismissal of “Medicare for All,” the socialist push to completely nationalize healthcare favored by her party’s most progressive voices (see, most of them).

When they say Medicare for All, people have to understand this: Medicare for All is not as good a benefit as the Affordable Care Act. It doesn’t have catastrophic [coverage] — you have to go buy it. It doesn’t have dental. It’s not as good as the plans that you can buy under the Affordable Care Act. So I say to them, come in with your ideas, but understand that we’re either gonna have to improve Medicare — for all, including seniors — or else people are not gonna get what they think they’re gonna get. And by the way, how’s it gonna be paid for?

Get your popcorn ready, because things are about to get really interesting. The old guard of the Democratic party have already capitulated to their left-wing over anti-Semitism. It’s going to be hard to unring that bell of emboldenment that’s already been handed to their most extreme voices.

Does anyone think AOC is going to take her lumps and stop the media tour? Or that Tlaib will simply stop pushing impeachment or Medicare for All? Not going to happen and Pelosi can’t be naive enough to think it will. So what’s her plan? She’s currently dancing on a tightrope stretched out across the Grand Canyon and a strong wind is blowing. She can’t continue to bluff her way through this. As the back-biting in her caucus continues, she either has to fold or she has to return fire.

For all the talk about a Republican civil war last year, what’s brewing in the Democratic party looks to be far worse and less reconcilable. In the end, the person most happy about all this is Donald Trump. All he has to do is sit back and let them eat each other. Whether he has the discipline to do so is an open question, but if he wants to win in 2020, this situation is a huge gift. Just stay out of their way.



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