Anti-Semite Linda Sarsour Is Apparently Running the Democratic House

FILE - In this Jan. 9, 2017 file photo Linda Sarsour, right, and Carmen Perez, co-chairs of the Women's March on Washington, speak during an interview in New York. Sarsour was scheduled to speak at a college commencement ceremony in New York City on Thursday, June 1, 2017, despite protests from critics who don't like her views on Israel. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File)

Linda Sarsour, co-founder of the Women’s March and noted anti-Semite, is taking credit for the insanely watered down “anti-hate” resolution that passed the House last week.


The resolution was originally supposed to be in response to blatant (and repeated) anti-Semitic remarks by Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar. Instead, the resolution ended up being a catch-all that didn’t name Omar nor condemn her indirectly. It also didn’t mention Jews prominently, instead first focusing on groups such as Latinos and Pacific Islanders and mentioning only white supremacy as the catalyst for prejudice. That’s not to say white supremacy isn’t evil because, of course, it is, but Ilhan Omar isn’t white, so to narrow the issue down in such a way completely let her off the hook. The resolution was so awful that Omar felt comfortable taking a victory lap afterward, citing it as a win against “Islamophobia.”

In an astonishing episode of Congressional in-fighting, Democrats decided to embrace and excuse anti-Semitism, even over the protestations of their own Jewish members.

Omar drew ire from Jewish Democrats like House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) for saying that pro-Israel lobbyists “push for allegiance to a foreign country.” Engel and others accused Omar of invoking an anti-Semitic trope of dual loyalty.

Now, we are beginning to find out just who is wielding the power in the Democratic party to force such decisions and the names aren’t comforting. Townhall reported on the details this morning.


Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour said Friday that she and other left-wing groups influenced Democratic leadership to change the House’s original anti-Semitism resolution to broaden its language.

“Friends, our supporters, you know the Women’s March we’re going through some rough times and if you know anything about this past week, I’m going to give you some ideas of what we did this week. So, many of you know that our sister Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was under attack,” Sarsour said. “Being able to mobilize progressive leaders across the country to sign onto a letter to organize a press conference in support of Ilhan Omar to call on the Democratic leadership to actually expand the language of the resolution to include condemning all forms of bigotry because that’s the kind of movement we’re apart of.”

They are going through “rough times” because the Woman’s march was exposed as being a hotbed for antisemitism. Instead of taking ownership of that, Sarsour has deflected, blamed others, and tried to hide behind the idea that she’s actually against “all forms of bigotry.” Here she claims credit for organizing the press conference in support of Omar and forcing Pelosi’s hand on watering down the resolution to the point of it showing no possible condemnation of Omar’s anti-Semitic remarks.


Does she really have that kind of power over the Democratic party? All signs point to yes given what has transpired. In more normal times, someone like Sarsour would never be elevated in this way but this is what inter-sectionalism does. Democrats are scared to death to offend any part of their coalition, which they’ve cobbled together by dividing and pandering to different identity groups. In a sane world, Pelosi would have stood up here but instead, she cowered under the pressure.

I don’t think this will end well for Democrats as they will inevitably continue to eat their own. How long will the more moderate (I use the term loosely) elements of the Democratic party stand around and take these punches from a clear minority of radical members? Especially when it will undoubtedly hurt them in 2020? I don’t know, but I suspect a civil war is brewing within their ranks and we are going to see some fireworks soon.


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