Nancy Pelosi: Ilhan Omar isn't Anti-Semitic, She's Just a Moron

I love vacationing in the Middle East.

Bold strategy Cotton, let’s see if it pays off.

After the sham vote yesterday on the Democrat’s “anti-hate” resolution, which put Jews 7th on the list, Ilhan Omar has been taking a victory lap. She’s lauding the resolution as…(checks notes)…fighting against Islamophobia? She’s also patting herself on the back for starting a conversation, which is just code for “oh, did my antisemitism make you uncomfortable, get over it.” Like a Somali David Copperfield, she’s managed to wave her hand and come out on top, claiming victim status despite the entire catalyst of this exercise being her anti-Semitic remarks.


It’s some of the finest gaslighting I’ve ever witnessed and the media are playing right along, with literally dozens of op-eds defending her appearing in various publications.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been doing her best mental gymnastics since this all broke, desperately searching for a way to not fracture her inter-sectional coalition. She seems to have settled on a response.

You see, we have it all wrong. Ilhan Omar isn’t anti-Semitic you guys, she’s just a child-like moron.

The 37 year old Congressional member, who’s been rebuked for anti-Semitism numerous times already just “didn’t realize” what she was saying, according to Nancy Pelosi. Does anyone really buy that? The soft bigotry of infantilizing Omar is just a weak attempt to deflect criticism. Omar is not young, she’s not new to anti-Semitism, and she understands exactly what she’s doing.


Furthermore, if she’s really this dumb, why was she given a spot on the most powerful committee in Congress despite having zero experience in foreign affairs?

None of this makes any sense and that’s because it’s not supposed to. It’s just a narrative for CNN and the like to go parrot and the Democrats know they will dutifully do so. Yesterday, you saw the Democratic party wholesale embrace anti-Semitism and it doesn’t appear a u-turn is forthcoming. Nancy Pelosi has lost control of the ship and it’s only a matter of time before her coalition disintegrates. President Trump should be sending these people thank you cards.



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