Media Targets Republicans for Voting Against Sham "Anti-Hate" Resolution

Yesterday, a resolution condemning “hate” was voted on in the House of Representatives. This was a watered down, complete cop-out by the Democrats, whose only real goal was shielding Rep. Ilhan Omar from any real criticism for her continued anti-Semitic comments.


In the resolution, “white supremacists” were condemned for oppressing “traditionally persecuted peoples,” including Latinos (?) and Pacific Islanders. Since Ilhan Omar is black, I guess she’s completely off the hook, despite being the catalyst for this resolution.

Congrats to the Jews for making 7th place even though they were the group slandered that started all this.

In response, 23 Republicans voted against this ridiculous, sham resolution to send a message that they aren’t going to play this game. This led some in the media to immediately pivot to attacking Republicans for not humoring the Democrats in their cowardice.


It was an embarrassing moment, but it wasn’t the GOP at the receiving end. It was the Democratic party essentially looking the other way and condoning anti-semitism, all in the name of trying to keep their inter-sectional coalition from continuing to fracture. To see media members be this obtuse and pretend Republicans voted against it because they aren’t against hate is par for the course these days. Honest, decent reporting is a thing of the past for the most part.

Jewish Congressional member Lee Zeldin (R-NY) responded to all this nonsense in what is a must-watch three minutes, giving the real reason he voted against the resolution.

It got worse in the media though, as house “conservative” Jennifer Rubin at The Washington Post decided it was a good day to write this article about the vote.


It’s behind a paywall and I’m not paying the $1 it costs to unlock it, but her tweet description tells you all you need to know. These are despicable people, with nothing guiding them but pure partisan hackery and a desperate, delusional hatred of Donald Trump. Excusing anti-semitism to own the cons is a new one, but apparently, it’s gonna play on repeat for a while yet.


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