Jill Biden's Former Press Secretary Rips Team Joe—'Everything Looks and Feels So Choreographed'

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First Lady Jill Biden’s former press secretary Michael LaRosa teed off on Team Biden in a Wednesday New York Times puff piece discussing how the president has changed his style over the years. Even the fawning Times, though, was forced to face the reality that there is trouble in paradise.


Biden, who famously conducted his previous campaign mostly out of his basement, gives far fewer press conferences and interviews than his predecessors and is constantly jetting away to his Delaware beach house for yet more vacation time. Leading up to Thursday night’s debate, he’s been mostly hidden away for a full week at Camp David as he conducts debate prep. It takes that much time to study for a 90-minute discussion on issues you should already be familiar with?

Even some of Biden’s handlers feel it has gone too far:

…many, including some on his own team, assume the limits on his public interactions are meant to protect him from age-related mistakes. There has been simmering discontent within his administration among those who think the president’s inner circle goes too far in shielding him from public exposure.

LaRosa says the whole thing feels like a scripted reality show:

"Everything looks and feels so choreographed, scripted and controlled that it doesn’t afford him the opportunities to show off his strengths — humor, empathy and compassion," LaRosa told the Times.

"Relatability is his superpower, but you can only relate to someone when their humanity is exposed. That means flaws, mistakes and everything else that comes with imperfection," he added.


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While LaRosa’s criticisms were somehow allowed to be published by the leftist rag’s editors, they quickly went back to gaslighting their readers and acting as cheerleaders for the Biden administration. Their very next paragraph was one most ludicrous I have ever read:

But looking past the verbal miscues and painful elocution, Mr. Biden does not wander into unreality the way that Mr. Trump, 78, often does and his substantive points are for the most part as conversant and informed as in the past. He exhibits a grasp of his policy choices and no one has cited a decision that he would have made differently if he were a decade younger.

As we have documented extensively, Biden regularly spouts gibberish, makes up stories out of whole cloth, and “wanders into unreality” on a daily basis. 

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LaRosa, meanwhile, has been involved in some unseemly controversy himself, and in 2022 he was caught attempting to sneak a male date onto a secure floor where the president was staying at a hotel overseas. Still, his analysis here rings true; we’ve seen for ourselves that the president almost never appears at unscripted events and is effectively shielded from the public.


It will be interesting to see if he can make it through the entire event tonight without a major brain freeze or implausible lie. It's hard to imagine he can go 10 minutes—much less 90—without flashcards and huge teleprompters. That being said, I thought he would get crushed in the first presidential debate in 2020, but he survived, so we'll see if he's got one last gasp in him.



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