BREAKING: Hezbollah #2 Leader Reportedly Taken Out in Airstrike

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According to multiple (unconfirmed) social media posts, Hezbollah’s number two commander has been taken out in an airstrike in Lebanon.


Al Din had worked his way up the ranks of the political party/militant group:

Hashim Safi Al Din (also transliterated Hashem Safieddine) (born 1964) is a Lebanese Shia cleric, senior Hezbollah official and a maternal cousin of the secretary general of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah.[1] He is the head of Hezbollah's Executive Council, a Lebanese political part that has a wide Lebanese support and big representation in the parliament. Hezbollah is affiliated by military action and activities known as the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon which was created in 1982 against the Israeli occupation of Lebanon. Hashim is generally considered the "number two" in Hezbollah.

So far this is still Unconfirmed, but Egyptian Media Sources are beginning to report that tonight’s Israeli Strike on the Town of Janta in Southern Lebanon has resulted in the Elimination of Hashim Safi Al Din, the Head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council and the most Senior Official in Hezbollah besides Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah.


Hezbollah has had repeated clashes with Israel as the Jewish state wars with Hamas. Israel has already responded before the latest news by taking another of their leaders, Taleb Sami Abdullah (spelling varies by news outlet).

BREAKING: IDF Eliminates Senior Hezbollah Official; Highest Ranking Officer Neutralized Since Oct. 7

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Israeli Airstrike Kills Senior Hezbollah Commander in Lebanon

Hezbollah had ratcheted up tensions Wednesday by firing over 200 rockets into Israel

Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement has fired multiple barrages of rockets into northern Israel in retaliation for an Israeli strike which killed one of its senior commanders.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reportedly identified more than 200 projectiles that crossed the border on Wednesday. Some triggered fires, but no casualties were reported.

It came as a top Hezbollah official vowed that the Iran-backed group would increase the intensity, force and quantity of its attacks.

He was speaking at the funeral of Taleb Sami Abdullah, the field commander targeted in a strike in southern Lebanon on Tuesday night.


After the Israeli airstrike that killed Hezbollah official Abdullah, leaders were scared they were next:

"The powerful elimination worries Hezbollah members. They now understand that the IDF knows much more about them than we do. Additionally, the operation indicates that Hezbollah's field security is not airtight and that the organization's intelligence system has been penetrated to such an extent that we were able to eliminate such an important sector commander. The IDF managed to infiltrate their networks and systems and identify the right people for elimination," says Professor Amatzia Baram, suggesting that this also impacts the leader of the terrorist organization.

 If these reports turn out to be accurate, it would show that they were right to be scared.



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