Biden's Ominous Call to Action on 4th Anniversary of George Floyd's Death: 'Let's Act in His Memory'

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Saturday marked the fourth anniversary of George Floyd’s death after he was arrested and held down by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who used his knee to keep Floyd immobile.


His death prompted massive rioting throughout the country, causing billions in damage and numerous violent deaths. Chauvin sits in a federal prison where he was stabbed 22 times by a fellow inmate, and where he will stay behind bars for many years.

President Biden, however, instead of calling for healing, seems to be asking for a repeat of the mayhem when he tweeted Saturday that we should “act in his memory.” Act how? Do what? Riot again?

Can you imagine the meltdown if Trump posted something like this? The former president merely said the word “bloodbath” and the media went insane, even though he was talking about the auto industry—not violence in the streets.

They lied:

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What if, on Jan. 6, Trump had posted we should “act in the memory” of that day? Would there be a new special counsel appointed by that afternoon?

Many on social media reacted with outrage at Biden’s attempt to lionize Floyd, who, although he did not deserve to die, was no saint. 

Did Biden tweet out the memories of the innocents who were killed during the riots, which his administration encouraged?

Did he reach out to the family of Laken Riley, the young nursing student brutally murdered by an illegal alien who entered the country under Joe Biden’s watch? No.

Like the attempts to glorify Ferguson, Missouri's Mike Brown as a heroic figure, the efforts to paint George Floyd as a civil rights icon who fought for equality are ludicrous and show how far progressives are willing to go to gaslight the American public. Both were criminals and while it is sad that they died, it is simply insulting to our intellects to tell us we should worship their lionhearted contributions to the world.



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I wrote Saturday about how the left celebrated the P-Hat riots of 2019, the George Floyd/BLM riots of 2020, and now the ongoing, violent pro-Hamas campus demonstrations happening all over the country. They seem to be inviting chaos again to the Chicago DNC convention in August, I argued:

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This Biden tweet is ominous, and though most of the media will act as if it’s an uplifting message from our befuddled president, the truth is it reads like a call to action—violent action.


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