Paid 'Professional Agitators' Are Fomenting Violence on America’s Campuses

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We’re witnessing the violent, pro-Hamas, antisemitic protests erupt at colleges and universities across the nation since the Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7, 2023, and we’ve seen plenty of extremist students like Vanderbilt’s Jack Petocz or Columbia’s Khymani James spewing hateful rhetoric and advocating for the elimination of the Jewish people.


College Crazies:

How One Campus Protester Typifies the Problems Universities Have Invited Upon Themselves

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But there are professionals involved too, and we know they’re being funded and coordinated. The question is, by whom? We have some ideas, and the answers aren't shocking:


George Soros-Connected Groups Paying for Antisemitic Campus Protests, Calling for Revolution

Soros isn’t the only extremist fomenting the violent protests—other '60s radicals are jumping aboard the crazy train too. As I reported, Weather Underground co-founder Bill Ayers showed up to talk to an anti-Israel mob at the University of Chicago on Monday. 


Guess Who Showed Up at U. of Chicago Pro-Hamas Protest? Anti-American Activist and Obama Pal Bill Ayers

Another long-time activist is throwing her “expertise” into the situation as well—professional agitator Lisa Fithian, a bitter harridan whose sole purpose in life seems to be protesting against virtually everything she can and trying to create chaos wherever possible. Naturally, she was at the Columbia University pro-Hamas protests offering her advice.


This Fithian character seems to be a real treat.

In a video shown during an NYPD press event, the 63-year-old is seen watching a group of protesters chant anti-Israel slogans.

"We’re trying to document them being a- -holes," Lisa Fithian said to the camera person. "You’re right. They are being a - -holes."

Fithian is a professional "protest consultant" who has been arrested over 80 times, Laura Ingraham of "The Ingraham Angle" said on her show Tuesday night.

Fithian has reportedly participated in protests on climate change, Occupy Wall Street, and now, the Free Palestine movement.

After midnight Tuesday, Fithian was seen on video instructing a mob of anti-Israel agitators as they took over an academic building at Columbia University.

In one video clip, protesters were seen carrying a table, while in the background, Fithian could be heard saying, "I can’t help with that. You guys can help with that."

Three hundred dollars a day? Sounds like capitalism to me. 

Mayor Eric Adams weighed in on the "outside agitator" matter Tuesday evening, even as the NYPD was descending on the Columbia campus:

"What should have been a peaceful protest, it has basically been co-opted by professional outside agitators. We were extremely cautious about releasing our intel information because our goal was to ensure the safety of the students, the faculty, and without destruction to property," Adams said. "We have sounded the alarm several times before about external actors who attempted to hijack this private protest."


While there are plenty of ill-informed, hate-filled students participating in the protests on campuses across the nation, it’s also clear that there is money, coordination, and professional agitators egging them on. You can bet that Fithian and Ayers aren’t the only old-time radicals trying to drum up chaos. This certainly doesn’t absolve students who chanted antisemitic slogans and committed violent acts, it’s nevertheless something the authorities should be looking into. If these were Jan. 6 fomenters, you can be sure they’d be hunted down and thrown in concrete-lined cells.

Unfortunately, our corrupt Department of Justice will probably just look the other way.

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