Maine Election Official So Desperate to Keep Trump off Ballot She's Appealing Judge's Hold on Decision

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Maine’s Democrat secretary of state, Shenna Bellows, is so determined to promote “trust in our free, safe and secure elections” that she wants to make sure voters in the state aren’t allowed to vote for the leading GOP contender, former President Donald Trump. 


After Trump appealed Bellows' unilateral decision to keep his name off the Republican primary ballot, Superior Court Judge Michaela Murphy called for a hold on her decision while the nation waits for the Supreme Court to weigh in on a similar situation in Colorado.

Waiting for the nation’s top court to render judgment was just too inconvenient for Bellows, evidently, as she announced Friday that she was going to appeal Murphy's decision to the state's top court, and she wants a quick answer:

In a statement, the official, Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, said she welcomed the guidance of the U.S. Supreme Court, which is expected to hear arguments on a similar case on Feb. 8. But in the meantime, she said, she will seek the input of Maine’s highest court.

“I know both the constitutional and state authority questions are of grave concern to many,” Ms. Bellows wrote in a short statement on Friday. “This appeal ensures that Maine’s highest court has the opportunity to weigh in now, before ballots are counted, promoting trust in our free, safe and secure elections.”


"This appeal ensures that Maine’s highest court has the opportunity to weigh in now, before ballots are counted, promoting trust in our free, safe and secure elections.”

Bellows, pictured on the lower right in the above tweet, wants Trump off the ballot because she determined that he engaged in “insurrection” for his role in the J6 protests, thus making him ineligible to run because it would violate the 14th Amendment. 

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Bellows had argued that letting people vote for their chosen candidate posed a grave danger:

Bellows had warned that punting the decision on Trump’s eligibility would put Maine in a “precarious position,” saying voters may end up casting their votes with Trump’s qualification in doubt. The state’s Super Tuesday, March 5 primary is fast approaching, and the Supreme Court won’t hear oral arguments until next month, Bellows noted.

“A stay of this proceeding, followed by a February decision from the U.S. Supreme Court, may ultimately force the Secretary and her staff to scramble to minimize damage to the integrity of the March 5, 2024 election,” the Maine attorney general’s office, representing Bellows, had written in court filings.


The answer should come quickly because Maine state law demands a short timeframe for the court to act; the parties will now have four days to file their written briefs. The court must come to a decision within 14 days of the judge’s Wednesday ruling.

It's astonishing the lengths Democrats have been resorting to this election year, attempting to keep the president's chief rival off ballots like we're a third-world dictatorship. All the while, they're screeching about the "danger to democracy" even as they are desperately undermining it. Trump has not been charged with or convicted of "insurrection," so it's insane that they are using it as a reason to disqualify him.

Maine's top court should shut down this tomfoolery immediately, and SCOTUS should forcefully follow suit.



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