Pro-Hamas Mob Takes Over NYC’s Penn Station, Harrasses Travelers

Another day ending in “y,” another pro-Hamas anti-Israel protest. This one broke out Monday evening in New York City’s Penn Station, where protesters marched into the Daniel Moynihan Train Hall in Manhattan to harass travelers and intimidate anyone who disagreed with their viewpoint.


It started around 5 p.m., according to a local news station:

The group came from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and earlier marched down 42nd Street from Grand Central Terminal where the MTA earlier warned commuters about travel restrictions.

Police could be seen barricading and blocking entrances to Penn Station around 5 p.m., including a NJ TRANSIT entrance on 7th Avenue, but the group appeared able to enter the building on 33rd Street.

Things got tense. This coward wouldn't even take off his sunglasses:

Authorities warned of travel delays, and said Grand Central Station was affected as well: 

In a social post on X, formerly Twitter, a Long Island Rail Road account said passengers should "expect possible access restrictions to/from Grand Central due to demonstrations in the area." A short time later, a follow-up post said there were restrictions in place.

The city's Office of Emergency Management warned commuters to expect travel delays and emergency personnel near Penn Station.


Journalist Andy Ngô reported that demonstrators joined in a large street prayer:

Here they are intimidating train riders and making life in the Big Apple that much more difficult:

We've written about how these pro-Hamas protests are getting more dangerous and how these folks are even showing up at people's homes and shutting down major freeways to wreak havoc.

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Their main accomplishment seems to be making people's lives more difficult and annoying the heck out of everybody. It's only a matter of time before something truly tragic occurs at one of these rallies. (There already has been at least one death associated with them.)

Protests and demonstrations won't undo the carnage that Hamas inflicted on innocent Israelis on Oct. 7, nor will they magically end the Israel-Hamas war.



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