Knives Out: Liberal News Outlet Reports on Special Counsel David Weiss' Past Association With Beau Biden

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Whenever a left-wing news outlet writes something negative about someone in Bidenworld, you have to wonder why. Is Hunter Biden Special Counsel David Weiss next to be thrown under the bus? The Washington Post, normally an indiscriminate cheerleader for President Joe Biden and his administration, is reporting that Weiss once worked alongside First Son Hunter's late brother and former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.


When Delaware’s acting U.S. attorney David C. Weiss celebrated a fraud conviction in 2010, he was joined by a key partner in the case: Beau Biden, the state’s attorney general.

Weiss worked with Joe Biden’s eldest son to hash out prosecution strategies. “We will continue to aggressively pursue all types of fraud in order to protect the public,” Weiss said in his part of a statement with Beau Biden on the fraud case.

Today, that little-known history highlights the deep challenges Weiss faces as he pursues a newly recharged investigation into Beau’s brother, Hunter Biden, in a small state long politically dominated by their father.

 As we’ve reported, Weiss negotiated a sweetheart plea deal with Hunter, only to have it fall apart after U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika questioned the forgiving terms. After that embarrassment, Attorney General Merrick Garland inexplicably appointed him Special Counsel to look into all things Hunter.

Democrats love to point out that Weiss was appointed to be U.S. attorney by former President Donald Trump, implying that shows he is unbiased, but the truth is more complicated:

 Although Democrats point to Weiss’s appointment by President Donald Trump as evidence of his independence, the full story of his career is more nuanced, as he spent two years as acting U.S. attorney under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and then remained as a top deputy for the remainder of their term.


It would appear the Post is annoyed that Weiss botched the plea deal and that Hunter might actually face some consequences:

But Biden’s allies questioned why the plea deal dramatically fell apart in court amid claims from Hunter Biden’s lawyers that they’d been misled about the terms. His lawyers in an Aug. 13 filing slammed what it called the government’s decision to “renege on the previously agreed-upon Plea Agreement.”

…The failure to seal the deal angered Hunter Biden’s lawyers and also befuddled some Weiss allies who privately questioned how he could have let the matter go so far without certainty that the deal would be accepted by the court.

The Post article seems schizophrenically to question Weiss while at the same time touting his impartiality:

The tensions are heightened by a fact that locals say is inevitable in a place like Delaware: Weiss’s career has often brought him into contact with Biden, his family and his political allies in the state.

“The state is a small town and everybody knows each other,” said Henry Klingeman, who previously defended a client in a case prosecuted by Weiss. In Delaware, Biden “has been the most consequential figure since 1972 and I’m sure he and Weiss crossed paths.”

As the 67-year-old Weiss faces the harshest spotlight of his career, the criticisms confound some of those who know him here as an apolitical, follow-the-facts, registered-Republican prosecutor who has a reputation for being an honest broker when asked to investigate the state’s most powerful Democrats.

Regardless of Weiss’ past, however, he showed his true colors when he took five years to investigate what should have been a simple case concerning Hunter’s tax evasion and a gun charge. The sweetheart deal that fell through is in stark contrast to the DOJ’s treatment of former President Donald Trump and shows yet again that Merrick Garland’s outfit has become nakedly political. Whether or not Weiss’ past association with Beau and the Biden family is influencing him, the evidence thus far shows that he has little interest in holding Hunter to account. 

The Post’s suddenly bringing up his past associations, however, might be the first signal that the left is willing to delegitimize him in the event he actually does take his new Special Counsel role seriously and hold the First Son’s feet to the fire.


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