LA Dodgers Icon Steve Garvey Considering GOP Run for US Senate

Dodgers great Steve Garvey considers GOP run for US Senate. (Credit: MLB Network)

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been in the news as of late but for all the wrong reasons—they’re facing serious outrage over their decision to host the Catholic-mocking LGBTQ group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” on June 16 and hand them a “Community Hero” award.


The team is back in the news Thursday, but this time for a different and less-controversial reason: former Dodgers first baseman and 1974 National League MVP Steve Garvey is exploring a run for the Senate seat that will be left open when Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) retires at the end of her term in 2024. It should be noted, however, that the ailing Democrat could step down before the next election, which would allow Gov. Gavin Newsom to appoint a replacement.

Garvey, now 74, has never held political office before but has reportedly been meeting with the powers that be:

The 74-year-old has never held elected office but has been meeting with GOP donors and leaders around the state as he weighs a bid and is expected to make a decision within the next month or so.

Republican strategist Andy Gharakhani, who is advising Garvey, confirmed that the Palm Desert resident is weighing a campaign.

“He is being contacted by leaders up and down the state. They’re recruiting him to run from both sides, Republican and Democrat, and he’s seriously considering it,” said Gharakhani, executive director of the Los Angeles chapter of New Majority, an influential business-minded donor group. “We should have a decision made here in the next few weeks.”

Gharakhani added that if Garvey runs, he will focus on quality-of-life issues such as the cost of living and public safety in the Golden State. He would join at least 20 others who have filed with the Federal Elections Commission.

On the Democratic side, the most formidable candidates include Rep. Adam Schiff—who still hasn’t produced the evidence of Russian Collusion he promised during the Trump administration—Rep. Barbara Lee, and Rep. Katie Porter.


He would face challenges from the GOP too. As RedState‘s Jennifer Oliver O’Connell reported, attorney Eric Early surprisingly took the top spot in a recent poll, beating Schiff et. al. That being said, however, no Republican has won statewide office since 2006 in the deep blue state, and no one from the CA GOP has been elected to the Senate since 1988.

Garvey, known for his bulging forearms as well as his baseball prowess, would bring star power and name recognition to the race. In addition to helping the Dodgers win the World Series in 1981, he also played for the San Diego Padres was a 10-time National League All-Star and won four Gold Glove awards.

Said GOP strategist Rob Stutzman and former advisor to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Garvey was a sports legend a generation ago, but that’s who makes up the electorate.

And he was huge in two markets. He was a hero in Los Angeles as well as in San Diego for the Padres. He did a ton of advertising over the years. He’s a very well-known former athlete in California, and, assuming a strong and competent candidacy, I think he would absolutely have the opportunity to consolidate the Republican vote in the primary.

Reaction on Twitter was mixed. A post from a Southern California sports site read, “Dodgers legend Steve Garvey considers US Senate bid, energizing beleaguered GOP in California.” RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar, meanwhile, doesn’t see Garvey as the candidate to get the GOP back on track in California:


This is going to be a pivotal race, and we’ll see if Garvey can make any headway.

Here he honors the legacy of the late, great Dodgers sportscaster Vin Scully:


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