Trump Moves on From 'Crooked Hillary' Moniker at Rally—Now It’s 'Crooked Joe Biden'

Former president Donald Trump at a MAGA rally in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Credit: LiveNOW from FOX)

Former President Donald Trump presided over a Make America Great rally in Manchester, New Hampshire Thursday, jokingly vowing to retire the infamous nickname “Crooked Hillary” and instead use it for the current president.


I’m going to retire the name ‘crooked’ so that we can use the name for Joe Biden because he’ll be known from now on as Crooked Joe Biden.

There’s never been anyone in the history of American politics so crooked or dishonest as Joe Biden, and the press absolutely refuses to report it — all that press back there.

Because, frankly, they are just as crooked as he is.


Trump continued to lambaste Biden, specifically ridiculing his announcement to run for reelection. The president made the announcement via video instead of holding a rally or event in person. Trump:

On Tuesday, Joe Biden officially announced that he will seek four more disastrous years.

The choice of this election is now between strength and weakness, between success or failure, between safety or anarchy, between peace or conflict, and prosperity or catastrophe. We are living in a catastrophe.

With your vote on Nov. 5, 2024, we’re going to crush Joe Biden.

The rally was held indoors in front of an estimated 2,000 people. He thanked New Hampshire GOP voters for his victories in the past, and promised there would be more in the future:

And the White House, that gorgeous, beautiful White House, we have to take it back. We’re going to beat him at the ballot box, so we’re going to settle our unfinished business.

As I promised you and as you know, from the beginning, I fought to protect and defend New Hampshire’s beloved First in the Nation primary and you’ve got it. You’ve got it.


Candidate Trump highlighted the over 50 endorsements he’s received from New Hampshire lawmakers, saying, “How good is this?”

He currently holds a commanding lead over undeclared Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the GOP nomination in most polls, but other data shows that 70 percent of voters overall don’t want him to run. Of course, polls are notoriously untrustworthy—just ask Hillary Clinton—and we’re so early in this cycle that it’s hard to put too much stock in them.

In any case, it’s clear the former president remains hugely popular, especially among his base.

Trump had plenty more to say about Biden as he addressed the scandal-plagued president:

“Joe Biden cares only about enriching his own family. I care about enriching your family and you,” Trump told the crowd. “A Biden Victory will be bad for you, good for China, and truly great for these globalists. We’ve got a lot of globalists.

“A Trump victory will be bad for the globalist, the RINOs, the communists, the Marxists, but it will be great for the hard-working people of New Hampshire.”


It was vintage Trump, and for those who love him, it was red meat. He went on to attack the various prosecutions against him by the likes of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, and said, “What’s happening with our country is a disgrace, and it’s a laughing stock all over the world.”

Only time will tell whether the new “Crooked Joe Biden” nickname will resonate as well as “Crooked Hillary” and “Low Energy Jeb.” It’s certainly an accurate description.


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