Investigating the Investigators: Rep. Loudermilk Announces Probe Into the Jan. 6 Committee

Georgia GOP Representative Barry Loudermilk, chairman of the House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight, said on Wednesday that his panel is launching an investigation into the January 6 Committee to find out if important information about the day’s events was hidden by the panel.


Investigators investigating the investigators. This could get fun.


“We’ve got to get through the documents. We need to do some interviews with people. But at some point, we will have some hearings,” Loudermilk said, also adding the panel is reviewing video from Jan. 6, 2021.

It’s certainly no coincidence that the announcement comes as Tucker Carlson has been dropping unedited J6 footage every night this week on his Fox News show.

The probe will also investigate the rampant security failures during the protests:

“We need to give a serious, in-depth investigation into what happened that day, which the J6 committee didn’t do. We need to know, where were the security failures … as well as what do we need to do to fix it?”

Hopefully, Loudermilk will investigate the actions (and inactions) of then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Although she was not technically the head of the Capitol Police, as some reports have indicated, she was nevertheless deeply engaged in security matters. In a 2022 supplement to a Senate probe, minority Republicans concluded that:


The Speaker’s office was heavily involved in planning and decision-making before and during the events of January 6, 2021, and micromanaged the Sergeant at Arms.

Loudermilk has been in the news recently because of persistent rumors that he led a “reconnaissance tour” of the Capitol for protesters the day before January 6 to give them the lay of the land, a claim the J6 Committee endorsed. As RedState’s Streiff reported, however, Tucker Carlson nuked that story into next week, as he has so many others in recent days (see the video in Loudermilk’s tweet above).

Meanwhile, the House Administration Committee has already launched a portal to collect tips from the public. They write on the webpage:

…the Committee on House Administration has launched this information intake portal to provide an avenue by which individuals with knowledge of the events of January 6th and the Select Committee who wish to provide information to the Committee regarding what transpired on January 6th may do so.

Republicans are also starting an investigation into the treatment of January 6 prisoners in D.C. jails. Per the New York Times:


On Thursday, Ms. [Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor] Greene wrote to the D.C. mayor, Muriel Bowser, demanding answers to questions, a tour of the correctional facility in southeastern Washington, and access to staff and inmates to conduct interviews by March 23. She and two other lawmakers also asked for all documents and communications about the Jan. 6 detainees’ complaints regarding the conditions.

As I wrote in November, the Republican red wave never materialized—but that didn’t mean all was lost. The GOP still won the House, and as former president Barack Obama once said, “elections have consequences.” With the power of the majority, Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his colleagues are now able to delve into the real facts behind the farcical J6 Committee, the origins of COVID, the suppression of free speech by big tech with the help of the DOJ, and so much more.

Hold their feet to the fire, Republicans. Americans deserve answers.

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